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Everyone Point And Laugh At PoliticsUSA

Posted on | November 1, 2010 | 3 Comments

by Smitty (via Digg)

As I hit the rack early in support of early-bird voting, it’s crucial to spread the word about the abject idiocy we’re opposing tomorrow.
Dear America, Why Are We Voting Against Our Own Self Interests?, begins the pusher-man’s appeal to his addicts not to consider sobriety. In cliff notes:

  • Republicans have done nothing.
  • Removing onerous regulations only helps the rich.
  • Lefty financial reforms helped banking customers.
  • ObamaCare care is swell.

Oh, and then the Social Security scare:

Republicans talk about privatizing Social Security and Medicare so the money can go to Wall Street for the next financial collapse. The Republican plan is to transfer Social Security money to investors so they can make money off the backs of hard working Americans. There is no protection for money lost in the stock market, but in exchange for the Social Security accounts Wall Street will contribute more to the GOP .

Can we get a reply from Mary Katherine?

What a sad little post, PoliticsUSA. You should have smoked more of whatever on Saturday. Common sense, fiscal responsibility, and liberty are not only in our best interests, they are our only interests. Change your name to Edmund Fitzgerald, rmuse: you’re going down.


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