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LIVE AT FIVE – 11.11.10

Posted on | November 11, 2010 | 1 Comment


Iraqis Agree On Unity Government

PM Nouri Al-Maliki meets with former PM Iyad Allawi in June

Shiite Maliki To Remain PM, Kurd Talalbani Remains President, Secular Allawi’s Role As Yet Undefined; May Head New Security Council.

G-20 Leaders Gather Amid Currency, Trade Tensions
A quick primer from the WSJ

Crippled Cruise Liner To Reach San Diego Later Today
Left powerless after a fire in the engine room, the Carnival Splendor is being towed to port.


Deficit Panel Draft Leaks; Democrats Howl Loudest

Erskine Bowles (L) and Alan Simpson (R) of the deficit reduction commission

Calls for abolition of popular tax credits, cuts to social Security, Medicare, and other spending, raise in retirement age.

Bachman Drops Bid For Conference Chairman Slot

Write-In Ballot Count Starts In Alaska

Nine House, Governor Races Remain Undecided

FDA Proposes Graphic Warnings For Cigarette Packages
Because nobody’s figured out that cigarettes are bad for you.


Cisco Stock Plunges On Bleak Outlook

ROK/US Trade Talks Go Down To The Wire

PRC October Inflation Accelerates to 4.4%, Highest In Two Years

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Is iPad’s First Real Rival

“Call Of Duty: Black Ops” Breaks One-Day Sales Record @7 Million Units

Android Now #2 Phone OS


Moss Gets To Work As Titans Prep For Dolphins

Randy Moss works out with the Titans

“I am not coming here to start no trouble. I am just coming in here to work every day and hopefully win.”

Mariners Broadcaster Dave Niehaus, 75, Dies

Nyets Rally In Second Half To Beat Cavs, 95-87

Yao Injured As Rockets Collapse Against Wizards

Veteran Scott Rolen Wins Gold Glove Over Nats’ Ryan Zimmerman

Front Row Lap Dance At The Cowboys Game (Video)


Demi Lovato Doing Coke On Camera?

Demi Lovato, while not allegedly doing blow

Disney looking at plan B for “Sonny With A Chance” while Demi’s in rehab

Pink Is Pregnant

Some Women Should Not Wear Bikinis. Ke$ha Is One Of Them.

Vanessa Hudgens Will Make It All Better.

Wes Anderson Attracts All-Star Cast For “Moon Rise Kingdom”

Daniel Radcliffe Dishes On Kissing Emma Watson


Whining Commences Over G-20 Security Fence In Seoul

British Claim Parcel Bombs Set To Detonate While Planes Over East Coast

Iraqi Christians Suffer From Al-Qaeda Persecution; PM Al-Maliki Promises Protection But One-Third already Fled Abroad

Sri Lanka Publishes Porn Faces In Crackdown


Greg Mankiw: Deficit Commission And I Thinking Alike

Sundries Shack: Rich Get Richer  – In The Federal Government

John Nolte: Pleasing Republicans Necessary For Network Success

Althouse: Bush Talks About Supreme Court Nominees

Gateway Pundit: W Schools Matt Lauer On Economics (Video)

Dennis The Peasant: Go Ahead And Take Away Our Light Rail. Nobody Cares.

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One Response to “LIVE AT FIVE – 11.11.10

  1. dad29
    November 11th, 2010 @ 1:14 pm

    Shiite Maliki To Remain PM, Kurd Talalbani Remains President, Secular Allawi’s Role As Yet Undefined; May Head New Security Council.

    And Catholics were told to get the Hell out of there.