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Lame-Duck Democrats Trying to Pass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Like the Killer of Democratic Intern Chandra Levy

Posted on | November 22, 2010 | Comments Off on Lame-Duck Democrats Trying to Pass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Like the Killer of Democratic Intern Chandra Levy

OK, I’m not sure Ingmar Guandique would qualify under the DREAM Act, but you get the point. And if you don’t get the point, Michelle Malkin will explain it to you — and she reminds you that the media are still “whitewashing the illegal immigration angle from the story.”

Liberals — including Republican open-borders advocates who try to claim they’re “conservative” — refuse to recognize the common-sense logic here: Illegal aliens have, by the act of illegally entering the country, demonstrated their contempt for U.S. law. It is therefore not surprising that illegal aliens, as a group, have higher rates of every serious crime — from DUI to assault to rape to murder — than do native-born citizens or legal immigrants. Yet by blurring the distinction between illegal aliens and legal immigrants, and by relentlessly playing the race card, liberals promote the falsehood that those who advocate stronger enforcement of immigration laws are xenophobic bigots.

Liberals also promote the falsehood that their advocacy of amnesty for illegal aliens is motivated by humanitarian concern rather than by partisan politics. But Rusty Weiss explains why Democrats are now trying to push the DREAM amnesty through the lame-duck Congress:

This past election cycle, the American people marched to the polls with a clear-cut message for their officials in Washington – stop.  Stop the rise of massive government.  Stop developing policy behind closed doors, through backroom deals.  And stop this anti-American agenda.  The results were a “shellacking” for the party in power.
Despite the clarity of voice with which the people spoke on November 2nd, the Democrats’ response indicates that they did not get the message.  . . .
President Obama recently met with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss passage of the DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors).  The act, which Investor’s Business Daily describes quite simply as “an amnesty bill,” would open a path to citizenship for illegal immigrant students.  Worse, it is being viewed as a “down payment” to more widespread amnesty measures.
But why would progressives push such legislation during a lame-duck session?  Because the public is clamoring for illegal alien amnesty?  No.  Because they intend to spit in the face of the American people once again?  Yes.
Rather than responding to the midterm election results by actually listening to the message of the American people, Democrats have decided the appropriate response is to add millions of voters who will vote for them.

How many more Chandra Levys will have to die before Americans wake up and force the political elite to address the deadly danger of illegal immigration?

Michelle Malkin’s 2002 book, Invasion, remains the best in-depth examination of the public-safety aspect of our nation’s immigration disaster.


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