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FMJRA 2.1, or, Two Days Late & A Dollar Short

Posted on | November 29, 2010 | 1 Comment

Oy, what an inept Unpaid Blog Intern I am. Not only did I spend a long weekend away from the Internets, on my return Sunday, I attempted to whip the FMJRA together only to end up staring at the emacs control panel much like the Apes gazed upon the Slab, only without any flash of enlightenment. Fortunately, Smitty is still in an undisclosed location with access to the Intertubes, and patiently coached me through the assembly process. This time I took notes, so next weekend the training wheels come off. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the FMJRA in all its Rule 2 glory!

TSA Boss Explains Groping Grandma Necessary Because U.S. Doesn’t ‘Profile’

Porn Star Date Says Charlie Sheen ‘Started Yelling Racial Slurs’ in NYC Rampage

Maxine and Barney, Sitting in a Tree . . .

FBI Report: Remember That Predicted Wave of Tea Party Hate Crimes?

Shrieking Outrage in 3, 2, 1 . . .

Charlie Sheen Countersues Porn Star for ‘Shakedown,’ Calls Her ‘Scam Artist’

LIVE AT FIVE – 11.23.10

Oritz Concedes TX-27 to Farenthold; GOP Reaches Historic 241 Seats in House

Holy Crap! North Korean Opens Artillery Bombardment on South Korean Island

WaPo Makes an Excellent Decision: Jennifer Rubin Hired as Blogger

NY-25: Maffei Concedes, Buerkle Wins

DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen: 2010 ‘Could Have Been Worse’ for Democrats

If You Ever Feel Discouraged . . .

Can You Say ‘Mandate’?

Sarah Palin Schools Gawker

Nine Key States for 2012

‘Year of the Pro-Life Woman’

LIVE AT FIVE – 11.25.10

Hallie Miller: What’s Not to Like?

Thanksgiving Day Traffic Suckage Alert: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Edition

Are You Thankful for Sex?

Thankful for the Man in the Fedora

VIDEO: Happy Thanksgiving!

Muslim Men Led U.K. Girl-Rape Gang

Outrageous: MSNBC Broadcast Causes Left-Wing Woman to Make Fake School-Shooting Threat Blamed on Tea Party

Who Speaks for America?

Report: ‘Issues of Culture, Ethnicity and Identity’ Raised in U.K. Rape-Gang Case

World Shocked by the Alarming Urgency of Jennifer Aniston Mexico Bikini Pictures

Religion of Peace Update

Did Someone Say ‘Desperation’?

It’s ‘Make My Wife Happy’ Day!

Kate Middleton Upskirt Photo?

Blame Feminism?

‘Far More Grim’

‘The Weekly Sarah Palin Segment . . .’

Not Just ‘Yes,’ But ‘Hell, Yes!’

Obligatory WikiLeaks Apocalypse Post

— compiled by Wombat-socho


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