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LIVE AT FIVE – 12.23.10

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Senate Passes $4.3 Billion Health & Compensation Bill For 9/11 First Responders

Firefighters search the rubble at Ground Zero, 9/11/01

Passed Senate on voice vote after changes made to reduce costs

Senate Passes New START Treaty

Final vote 71-26, GOP hard core alone in opposition

ROK Military Prepares For Largest Live-Fire Exercise Ever
Air and naval assets also involved

California Rain Triggers Mudslides, Evacuation Orders
Gov. Schwartzenegger declares state of emergency for six counties in LA area

Alaska Supremes Rule That Law Doesn’t Mean What It Says

GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller

Court rules that voter intent, not letter of law, is what matters for write-in ballots

White House Rallies Around Clueless Clapper

CIA Unit To Do Wikileaks Damage Assessment

EPA To Impose Greenhouse Gas Limits On Power Plants, Refineries

Nancy Pelosi Looking To Steven Spielberg For Help In Re-branding House Democrats

U.S. Stocks Gain; S&P 500 Up For Fifth Day
Gas Prices Near $3/Gallon
Cities Weigh Chapter 9 As An Option To Cure Pension Woes
Steve Wozniak: Net Neutrality Rules Don’t Go Far Enough
Gene Study shows Neanderthals Had Eastern Cousins, Interbred With Early Humans
Last Firefox 4 Beta Released; Final Version To Appear In 2011

Drunk Driver Who Killed Nick Adenhart Gets 51 To Life

Nick Adenhart, 1986-2009, RIP

Convicted driver was on parole for felony DUI the night he hit and killed Adenhart, two others

Jets Coach Ryan Ducks Questions About Wife’s Foot Fetish Videos

Michael Vick: Still In The Doghouse

Boozer, Rose Dominate As Bulls Edge Wizards

Crosby’s Scoring Streak Extends To 22 Games As Pens Top Panthers

Brady Tops Vick In Pro Bowl Vote

Bucks Romp Against Lakers, 98-79

Ozzy: Lady Gaga Needs To Take A Break

Ozzy Osbourne, not geeking out

The rock legend talks about doing ice tea commercials, among other things

Lindsay Lohan Party Kerfluffle

All about the she said/she said BS

Dr. Drew Apologizes to Brad & Angelina

“Jersey Shore”‘s Vinny Spoofs Old Spice Ad

The Honeymoon’s Not Over For Katy Perry & Russell Brand

Antoine Dodson Debuts “Chimney Intruder”

Parade Interviews Oprah

Unfazed By Frosty Weather, Lady Gaga Steps Out In Revealing Style

U.S., France Discussing Reinforcement of UN Peacekeepers In Ivory Coast
Palestinians Warn Israelis Not To Shoot Back
Greece Passes 2011 Austerity Budget
Argentine Junta Leader Sentenced To Life After Being Pardoned For Crimes Of Political Repression

Brett Arends: Why I Don’t Want An IPad For Christmas
Legal Insurrection: Now Might Be A Good Time (For Republicans) To Weaken The Filibuster
Allahpundit: Newest Supporter Of Pot Legalization – Pat Robertson?
Protein Wisdom: Surprise!
Jihad Watch: Palestinian TV – “Palestine Is Big” – It Apparently Includes All Of Israel

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