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Rule 5 Sunday: Wait, what?

Posted on | January 16, 2011 | 8 Comments

Good heavens! What’s this here, caught in what is clearly a malfunctioning spam filter? Why, it’s Elizabeth Hurley! And Dorothy Malone!

Wombat-socho bangs harder on the offending software.

My claws and garters! However did Lucy Pinder, Angela Dorian, Petra Verkaik, and these lovely young ladies get trapped in here? To say nothing of Anna Benson, Debra Paget, and, um…this woman. Fortunately, there seems to be a Victoria’s Secret video in here too, so I think we’ll take a couple of minutes to cleanse our palates…

Some time later, Wombat-socho returns with the digital equivalent of a plumber’s snake. Thrashing noises and imprecations ensue.

Jean Jani, Anne Baxter, Laura Lyons, Eve Meyer, and a plethora of scantily clad young women! How did I manage not to notice these before? And this video of Meytal Cohen? Well, I think it’s all cleared out now –

Wombat-socho peers into the spam filter again.

Yes, I think that’s about all the backlog of bodacious babes. Apologies to Proof Positive, Bob Belvedere, and the Mind-Numbed Robot for not spotting this sooner. 🙁

On to the fresh totty, as our English friend Theo Spark would say!

Fishersville Mike wonders about the Middle Ages, or at least about Clarice Foy. The ever-reliable Soylent Green submits a link for Nurse Myra’s Corset Friday, some parts of which may be closer to R than PG-13. You is been warned.

Not to be outdone, Left Coast Rebel links a topless Natalie Portman ad for…for…I dunno, hot grits. Does it matter? There are also some Kristin Bell pix with that, I guess.

Troglopundit refers us to a Danica Patrick commercial, and the previously-neglected Proof Positive brings back pleasant childhood memories with this link to Julie London. For those not into torch singers or nurses, he adds Nigella Lawson.

At The Camp of the Saints, undeterred by previous link attempt failures, we see Paget Brewster, Sharon Cintron and Dolores Donlon; Dustbury opts for quality over quantity and restricts himself to Amanda Peet.

We welcome Maggie’s Notebook to the Rule 5 linkagery! Maggie starts well with Kellie Pickler; let us see how she continues. Meanwhile, fellow newcomer Gahrie wishes a happy birthday to Yvonne Zima.  Three Beers Later alerts us to the presence of Morena Baccarin on Twitter with a lush display of her visual charms.

And we close out this week’s Rule 5 roundup with Kim Kardashian, courtesy of Confessions of a Culture Warrior. Thanks to all for their links, and don’t forget to mail links for next week’s Rule 5 Sunday to me at Rule 5 Wombat.


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