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Zombie Goes Kipling

Posted on | January 23, 2011 | 21 Comments

“Yes, part of me still would like to see Potemkin Villages, or perhaps ‘It’s a Small World’ living dioramas, of each and every ethnic culture on Earth, so as to preserve our species’ amazing diversity. But I also know that there is cruelty in such a fantasy; because real human beings will be compelled to live in these ethnographic exhibits, and must thereby endure real hardships for our intellectual amusement and to alleviate our Western guilt.”
Zombie, “Human Rights Imperialism: Leftist Satire or Moral Collapse?”

Thus says the influential (and anonymous) documenter of left-wing insanity in response to a column in the Guardian by “former New York Times Bureau Chief and current anti-imperialist professor-activist Stephen Kinzer.”

The Guardian column is truly an amazing prodigy of intellectual contortionism. In response, Zombie quotes Kipling’s poem “The White Man’s Burden,” and examines the complex intellectual maneuvers by which the Left justifies its hatred of Western civilization, multiculturalism being one such maneuver.

We cannot remake the Third World in our own image. We cannot impose Jeffersonian democracy at the point of a bayonet, or suppose that Kabul can be converted overnight into Athens in the age of Pericles. Nevertheless, we cannot renounce our own civilization because others are unwilling to emulate it.

Liberals are embarrassed by the West’s superiority, which is why they embrace anything and everything that will drag us down into the mire.

(Hat-tip: Dan Collins at Piece of Work in Progress.)


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