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A Keith Olbermann ‘Sir’-Mon

Posted on | January 28, 2011 | 4 Comments

“During the run of the show, Olbermann delivered about 65 ‘Special Comments’ . . . Announced in advance, and written by Olbermann himself, each consisted of a bellowing, pseudo-intellectual rant peppered with historical references, quotes and dripping with excessive adverbs and moral vanity.
“The oft-parodied format . . . is most recognized for its generous use of the indignant salutation, ‘You, sir!’ which Olbermann used an impressive 173 times, according to transcripts, an average of almost three per essay. Olbermann usually used the words to address President Bush or Dick Cheney, in anger. The number of ‘sirs’ per comment is a pretty good gauge of the rage Olbermann felt toward a particular figure.”

Mary Katharine Ham, The Daily Caller

Via Instapundit.


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