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Smitty and Tammy, Sittin’ in a Tree . . .

Posted on | February 4, 2011 | 2 Comments

You probably know the rest of that playground poem from memory, but Smitty’s a married man and his wife’s not named Tammy. However, Smitty did get a shout-out from Tammy Bruce when she had as a guest on her radio show our good blog-buddy Big Fur Hat from

If you lack the patience to listen to the whole thing, you can cheat by skipping forward to a bit past the 7-minute mark, where you’ll hear this:

Tammy Bruce: I’ve gone to the lounge at, and you’ve got pictures there, you’ve got people’s favorite photos, you’ve got some videos, you’ve got . . .
Big Fur Hat: I got a haiku — I got a haiku from Smitty . . .
TB: Oh, I read that!
BFH: I got a haiku from Smitty the other day . . .
TB: I read that! I didn’t know what a haiku was, and now I do, and I thought it was a very good haiku.

And they go on from there, in mutual praise of Smitty’s “Haiku Sonnet for Sarah Palin,” which is unlikely to be included in the next edition of The Norton Anthology of American Literature, but did get reposted at IOwnTheWorld.

Meanwhile, I’m jealous both of Smitty for having been praised by Tammy, and of Big Fur Hat for having been a guest on her show. But now that we know she’s into poetry . . .

There once was a conservative sapphic,
Whom I would throw some blogosphere traffic,
If I were on her show.
There’s a joke there, I know,
But the punchline might be pornographic

No, wait, I can do better than that:

There once was a blogger named Smitty,
Who gained fame by composing a ditty.
But alas, the poor fool
Got deployed to Kabul
And complains that the bandwidth’s a pity.


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