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CPAC Day 3: ‘Flu-Like Symptoms’

Posted on | February 12, 2011 | 13 Comments

Skye at Midnight Blue describes herself as experiencing “flu-like symptoms” which can only mean she’s contracted the dreaded CPAC Fever. This disease is caused by a rare virus known as schmooze and is spread through the promiscuous exchange of business cards.

Some have blamed CPAC Fever on Dana Loesch’s leather pants?!?! –but we know that a major contributing factor is weakened immune systems, caused by the excitement generated by Herman Cain:

As to the impact of Cain’s speech, I quote Ed Morrissey: “[Cain] stole the show yesterday with his speech in the late afternoon. People left the ballroom saying that he moved them to tears.” Cain drew 10 standing ovations.

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