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Nirs Rosen, Moonbat

Posted on | February 17, 2011 | 8 Comments

“Certainly, if the goal of the war is to reduce the threat from this group called al-Qaeda — which may not even exist anymore — then nobody has explained why increasing American occupation in Afghanistan, where you don’t even have al-Qaeda, is going to help weaken al-Qaeda . . . A couple hundred guys who got lucky and crashed a few towers with planes — not really a big threat. . . . September 11 wasn’t really a big deal.”
Nirs Rosen, January 2010

This is the guy whose Tweets about “war monger” Lara Logan cost him his fellowship at New York University, but the question I have is, “Whose idea was it to award him a fellowship in the first place?”

What the hell is going on at NYU? This guy is a disgusting wad of hate, as Jeffrey Goldberg explains:

Nir Rosen, the journalist who infamously mocked Lara Logan . . . has been saying hugely outrageous things for years. . . . He is sympathetic to the Taliban; he thinks al Qaeda poses no threat to America; he wishes Americans would “get over” 9/11; and he thinks Israel is an “abomination” that should be destroyed.

Goldberg’s readers called attention to an article Rosen wrote in 2002, at age 25, calling Israel a land of “bloody nationalism, paranoid identity and violent religion” and actively wishes for the “punitive bombing of Tel Aviv.”

Given that sort of sentiment, how would you expect Rosen to explain his comments about Lara Logan?

A part of me was bothered by how celebrities, especially white ones, get so much attention, and before I realized it was a sexual assault I was sort of anticipating a return to the old theme about unleashed brown natives attacking a white woman.

In other words, Rosen was expressing his contempt for white “celebrities” and his concern about stereotyping of “brown natives.” Never mind that “brown natives attacking a white woman” was, in fact, what happened in Cairo — Rosen cares more for the propaganda value of the news than he cares for the unfortunate facts.

Rosen’s quote dismissing the threat from al-Qaeda and saying 9/11 “wasn’t really a big deal” comes from this Jan. 15, 2010, Russia Today interview via Fire Andrea Mitchell:


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