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Is Christina Aguilera On The Same Casey Jones Train As Charlie Sheen?

Posted on | March 3, 2011 | 11 Comments

by Smitty

I was introducing a colleague to the fine addiction that is the RSS reader when he brought up a blog that is arguably more shameless that this one (if such is possible): What Would Tyler Durden Do?
WWTDD? is a Fight Club reference, and I must out myself as the only human being on the planet who hasn’t seen the flick.
Nevertheless, WWTDD? has a post about Christina Aguilera worrying her chums over some knucklehead named Matthew Rutler:

Culminating yesterday when they were both arrested in West Hollywood, her for public intoxication and him for a DUI, Christina Aguileras life has been on a downward spiral ever since she started dating Matthew Rutler in December. Oh and don’t worry, her friends have noticed. . .
Obviously she needs to dump this jackass, but after that the key to her comeback is to set manageable goals. She can’t try to be the old Christina, not yet, she’s too drunk and too fat.

I’m not sure that this analysis is really optimizing all of the modern social networking venues. Given that Charlie Sheen has joined Twitter, I contend that Chuckles and ChAg should dump the current cabooses in their lives and get their loco motives together on Twitter for the e-wrecktion of the century.
Alternate post title: Why The Smitty Dating Service Failed.


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