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Proposed ObamaCare Solution

Posted on | March 7, 2011 | 13 Comments

by Smitty

Noting in a lot of blogs, most recently Cubachi, that the number of ObamaCare waivers (would the scolds frown less if we called it JehovaCare? Or am I only making it worse?) has topped a full thousand, I have an idea:
Have Speaker Boehner propose a one-liner bill:

All Americans are exempted from [the legislation unpopularly known as] ObamaCare.

I think that this idea will find favor with the administration, since the damages of the odious legislation are mitigated, yet it’s still on the books, so that the Teleprompted One can oscillate from screen to screen, smugly taking pride in the crowning farce of his administration.
Maybe sufficient dupes will remain confused about whether the legislation achieves anything to re-elect the gentleman. My gut is that the Tea Parties are going to turn up the volume over the next 21 months, and the entire morally/financially bankrupt Lefty agenda is going to collapse.


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