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Epic Rant by Jeff Motherf–g G.

Posted on | March 10, 2011 | 7 Comments

Borrowing the Hammer’s “new tone” motif for a minute, because it’s beautiful when Jeff G. gets his rant on:

Here’s what these idiot Madison “protesters” — along with their intellectually bankrupt fellow travelers playing Solidarnosc on f***ing facebook as if this is just another cause celebre the world has ginned up to keep hipsters feeling “political” — are actively, vocally agitating FOR: no school choice for kids; no merit pay for teachers; seniority raises, and a first hired / last fired policy that promotes mediocrity, disinterest, and underperformance, while providing no incentive for effective teaching; forced union dues; forced political contributions to the Democrat party, made possible by a tawdry money laundering scheme that in many ways works to disenfranchise Republican voters in the union; the inability of taxpayers to have any say over local schools; and on and on and on. . . .

Go read the whole epic thing, unless you find f-bombs offensive, but the Left’s wacko reaction to the Wisconsin situation could probably make Billy Graham cuss a blue streak.

Somehow I’ve spent the past few days bogged down and sidetracked by stuff that’s kept me from staying on the Wisconsin story the way I should, and now I’ll play catch-up. Here’s video of the thug mob blitzing the Capitol after the Senate vote:

Did you notice what I noticed about that mob? Kinda young-ish, eh? Like maybe they’re not really the struggling proletariat, but actually a bunch of overprivileged University of Wisconsin students acting out their radical fantasies of what it must of been like back in The Sixties, man. As if repealing the protected status of government employees was the moral equivalent of napalming bamboo huts or something.

Whenever I see such puerile upper-middle-class punks doing their pseudo-radical protest thing, there’s this voice in my head saying, “Where’s the Ohio National Guard when we really need ’em?”

But I ignore the voices in my head, and instead read Drew M at AOSHQ:

So if you lose a vote you get to riot and take over the capitol building? … It’s good that Democrats are showing themselves for what they are…thugs who resort to physical attacks when they don’t get their way.

What’s interesting is to watch lefties doing their Charlie Sheen imitation — “winning!” — in an effort to convice themselves that this crushing defeat they just suffered is actually bad for Republicans. They’ve got polls, you see, just like back in March 2010 they had polls telling them what a brilliant idea it was to shove ObamaCare through Congress, despite clear signals to the contrary like Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts. (See: “Democrats in the Deathmobile,” The American Spectator, March 19, 2010.)

Once again, we are confronted by the yawning gap between what Democrats say during election campaigns — trying to convince middle-class suburban voters how responsible and civil and moderate they are, unlike those dangerous Republican extremists — and what Democrats actually do when their special-interest agenda at stake. Please read Peter Ingemi’s Examiner column, “Two groups, two narratives.”


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