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About The Only Unused Obama Comparison Remaining: Elric

Posted on | March 20, 2011 | 7 Comments

by Smitty

American Power has a jaunty image of a smiling BHO getting his sports on. The post title mentions ‘a disinterested and semi-retired American superpower’.
Now that BHO has his Very Own War, though the notion of the Tomahawk missile as Stormbringer

Tomahawk, Stormbringer: isn't everything these days a political metaphor?

and BHO as Elric of Melniboné comes to mind.

Once we ruled all, but the sun has set on those days, and grows weary with the rising.

From Wikipedia:

Elric was the last emperor of the stagnating island civilization of Melniboné. Physically weak and frail, the albino Elric must take drugs — later retconned to mean special herbs — in order to maintain his health. In addition to herb lore, his character becomes an accomplished sorcerer and summoner, able to summon powerful, supernatural allies by dint of his royal Melnibonéan bloodline. Unlike most others of his race, Elric possesses something of a conscience; he sees the decadence of his culture, and worries about the rise of the Young Kingdoms, populated by humans (as Melniboneans do not consider themselves such) and the threat they pose to his empire. Because of his introspective self-loathing of Melnibonéan traditions, his subjects find him odd and unfathomable, and his cousin Yyrkoon (next in the line of succession, as Elric has no heirs) interprets his behavior as weakness and plots Elric’s death.

Fortunately for us, the author seemed to be alluding to Britain, and the Eternal Champion never seems to have been female.
So much for silly literary comparisons.
Images mooched from The Platinum Warlock.


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