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Your Bagram Accommodations

Posted on | March 24, 2011 | 15 Comments

by Smitty

5 seconds of video takes half an hour to push to YouTube through YouStraw, but this is what it looks like back in the hooch:

More pictures and notes below the fold:
Here is a still shot of the bunk with some explanatory text:


Utterly bereft of feminine touch

Need rug? Got rug!

Can't be in Afghanistan without some ruggage

I’m going to shock you by saying I don’t mind living where I can literally pack everything into a duffel and be on my way. Capitalism need not imply materialism.
Stepping outside, we see this:

Light locker and A/C unit in front. Sandbags to right mark 'Kinetic Military Action' bunker.

And the facilities?
Here are the showers:

Some FOBs are one shower every two weeks, with towelettes in between. Always room to go down.

And the commodes:

Better than a porta-potty, where, after dusk, you'd best not forget your torch. Also, note the Chapel on the extreme right.

The showers and commodes have half a dozen sinks on the right. The shower unit has half a dozen shower stalls on the left, whereas the commode unit features half a dozen commodes and two urinals just inside the door. You check your modesty back at the gate.
Again, this is the Rear Echelon Mamby-Flamby (REMF) lifestyle. The real heroes out in the Forward Operating Bases have it even more primitive.
Note that when they say ‘lawn’ here, they mean ‘crushed rock’.


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