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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

FMJRA 2.0: E.T.I.

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Apologies for missing last week’s installment of  the FMJRA, but I really hadn’t planned on spending the weekend at Uncle Eric’s hooked up to an intravenous. With that minor inconvenience over with, here’s your linkagery for this week!

OPERATION ODYSSEY DAWN: U.S. Launches Attacks on Targets in Libya

Economic Terror Plan for ‘Redistributing Wealth and Power in the Country’

The Triumph of Raaaaacism: Liberals Get in Touch With Their Inner Teabagger

The New Tone Deafness: Public Unions ‘McVeigh In’ With OKC Imagery

Robert Stacy McCain: Six Megahit Man

In E-Mail to Dan Riehl, Shankman Claims ‘Very Mainstream Catholic Theology’

‘Valley Of The Shadow’ Reports From A Convening Of Springs In The CA Republic

The Wisconsin Restraining Order as a Harbinger of 2012?

Mises on ‘Christian Socialism’

California GOP: Falling Down

If Obama’s Lost Louis Farrakhan …

‘Any Similarity Is Coincidence’

From Mountains Jenghis Roamed About

About The Only Unused Obama Comparison Remaining: Elric

‘Arab Savages’ and Other Things No One Can Write About in 21st-Century England

SEIU Sued for ‘Harassment’

What Part of ‘Asserting Private Knowledge’ Is So Hard to Understand?

Rule 5 Sunday: Sweater Puppy Madness!


LIVE AT FIVE – 03.22.11

Movement To Kill The VampireEnd The Federal Reserve Gaining Steam

Press Conference in Chile Gives Obama Chance to Lie in Two Languages

‘Too Good a Pleasure to Forego’

Is Charlie Sheen Really ‘Winning’?

Troubleshooting ‘Beyond the Welfare State’

Multilateral Retardation

Bigger Breasts: By Any Means Necessary?

‘Not Only Wrong, But Dangerous’

U.S. Policy On Libya Explained: It Was All An Esoteric Steven Wright Reference

This Is Probably Not the Onset of an Incurable Terminal Illness, But …

LIVE AT FIVE – 03.24.11

Should Any ‘Spooky Dude’ Be Allowed To Recast The Global Economy?

Your Bagram Accommodations

Fred Phelps And Westboro Baptist Predictably Tasteless In Remembering Liz Taylor

Alan Colmes Is A Dumb [Maher], But You Already Knew That

Military Gay Training

‘Kinetic Military Action’: Remember When It Was Simply ‘War’?

What A Condescending Pile Of Hooey

He’s Herman Cain …

Housing Sales Data ‘Badly Flawed’?

Conrad Is A Knob, And We Need To Attack The Lousy Assertions Behind His Ideas

The Nyquil Worked

He Who Hates Attractive GOP Women

“Three 12-Year-Old French Girls Were Delivered To Him As A Birthday Present”

Weiner Schnitzeled?

Geraldine Ferraro Passes, Sarah Palin Salutes

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  2. Maggie’s Notebook (8 links)
  3. POWIP, Protein Wisdom, and That Mr. Guy (6 links)

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