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Parenthood Is Noble

Posted on | March 27, 2011 | 12 Comments

by Smitty (via Insty)

Of all the lies of the modern Progressive movement, an overarching falsehood is that fatherhood and motherhood are not good. This is implicit in things like the Overpopulation Myth and the Gender/Sexuality Are Socially Constructed Myths. It’s been explicit in the feminist assault on motherhood.
The result? Virginia Postrel can meaningfully title an article ‘Mommy Track’ Without Shame.

But most want children, and once they have kids, these “talented and creative” women, “are willing to trade some career growth and compensation for freedom from the constant pressure to work long hours and weekends.” 

Instead of treating such women as pathetic losers to be jettisoned for a new crop of recruits, she argued, companies should recognize them as a “precious resource.” Such women could bring experience, continuity and talent to middle-management jobs traditionally occupied by short-termers on their way up or “mediocre” men whose ambitions outstripped their ability.

I submit that the real problem here is that women are fed a logical OR here: motherhood OR career.
This is steeped in falsehood. Motherhood IS a career, and anyone who’d condescend toward my mother for raising three well-adjusted children has outed him- or herself as a godforsaken fool.
Furthermore, I’d assert without proof that those saying that parenthood in general and motherhood in particular are somehow worth less than materialistic career pursuits:

  • are directly responsible to the cratering of the birthrate,
  • hasten the insolvency of the bogus social welfare programs they espouse,
  • are among the least happy members of the Brave New World they’ve created,
  • systematically project their failure on conservatives,
  • foam at the mouth when they hear the name “Sarah Palin”.

In summary, the falsehoods that threaten the long-term survivability of the American Dream tend to collect in heads which begin with false premises like ‘Parenthood sucks’.
For an excellent related post on the ignobility of treating sexuality as a video game, see The Camp of the Saints. I cannot resist preserving this particular gem:

Liberals, knowing that everyone has messed up at some point or another, would have us believe that hypocrisy involves nothing more nor less than stating the existence of an absolute moral truth.

Again, one is left to wonder how anyone believing that God is absolute moral truth, for one example, a Christian, can associate with the Left.

Update: linked by That Mr. G Guy.

Update II: more thoughts at The Underground Conservative

From the likes of Ward Cleaver, Jim Anderson and Mike Brady on TV in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s to Cliff Huxtable and Jason Seaver in the 1980s, Americans saw positive images of Dad on TV. Now where are they? Gone. At best, Dad is an idiot. A moron. If he’s even there. Sorry, but Homer Simpson is not a positive role model for a father.

Good point.


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