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Pardon Me While I Wallow In Schadenfreude About The VA Dems

Posted on | March 29, 2011 | 5 Comments

by Smitty

Via Retire Jim Moran, we have The Virginia Democrat with a delightful lunchtime diversion for you, emphasis mine:

The Virginia Democratic Party has been “leaderless” for almost two years. We’ve had hit rock bottom. Let’s talk about some of the things that need to be fixed for me to come back into the fold (e.g out of Independent status)… let’s start at the top:
1. Barack Obama – I love you, Mr. President, but no one knows what you stand for. You’ve been AWOL in the federal budget fight, you accept whatever cuts the House Republicans want, and we are now in a third war (and we are borrowing from China to finance those operations). I don’t see you standing up for the party members, either… I see you talking in generalities, but there is no positive message from you on how your policies (or lack there of) are going to make the nation better off.

A) Why do people waste time on emotions about politicians? If they’re doing their job, the politicians are going to have to tell you things you don’t want to hear. Leave emotions at home, and think of politics dispassionately, as in a business.
B) “I see you talking in generalities”. Of course. That’s who BHO is; that’s what he is always done. If you’re just now outing yourself as a rube, I recommend you take a couple of years off of politics to clear your head. From wherever it’s lodged.

2. Tim Kaine – Dude, please quit playing drama queen and get off your “fence” about running for Senate. You have ruined the chance that other candidates (much better candidates, I might add) will run for the federal political office that impacts every Virginian’s life. After your tenure and the DNC (and the substantial electoral losses… pretty much wiping out our 2006 and 2008 House and Senate gains), why anyone would want you to run for Senate is beyond me. It’s kind of like banging your head against the wall repeatedly and stopping because it feels so good (e.g. insanity). Please do us all a favor and take the ambassador position in Madrid.

Typical Tim Kaine is doing a fine job. He managed not to make too great an ass of himself in Warner’s wake. He should stay around and continue to spew confusion on the Left as long as possible.

3. Jim Webb – Jim, I understand why you are leaving (Senate Dems are going to be in the minority in 2012). However, this is a time when we need your leadership in the Senate. We can no longer endure draconian budget cuts and during your last few weeks, we need you to stop caving… we also need you to talk some sense into Tim Kaine.

Jim Webb sold his soul for rock’n’roll and three syllables uttered by George Allen. Hopes of Webb injecting badly needed testosterone into the Left proved as wishful as hoping that Moderate Candidate Barack would show up for work, instead of Radical Candidate Barack. Maybe my hopes were too high in either case.

4. Jim Moran – You have lost your only chance to be a House committee chairmen… won’t ever happen for you… as a committee chair, you would have the authority to send resources to Alexandria and Arlington, part of the economic power engine in the State of Virginia. It’s time for you to retire. We need new blood in your seat… someone that is in touch with the district and it’s needs… someone that has a chance to lead. You’ve been a back bencher for years and it’s time for you to end that charade.

Truer words have rarely been spoken. Especially if that new blood is Patrick Murray. ‘Gentleman’ Jim Moran is a poster childgoat for everything wrong with the last few decades of our Federal government, irrespective of which party holds which lever of power.

5. Creigh Deeds – You did nothing to reach out to younger voters (that’s why Barack Obama won… reaching out in Northern Virginia would have been a good idea). The downslide in the Virginia Democratic Party really began with you, man. Your 2009 Virginia Governor campaign was the worst I have ever seen in politics. It might have brought the Virginia Democratic Party to pre-1993 levels.

The downslide of the Democrat party began at the end of the Truman Administration, and has only recently accelerated. The Ruling Class is the antithesis of what the Constitution is about.
There is more, but it gets very VA-specific.
Gather your strength, patriots. We need to treble our 2010 game for 2012. I have confidence.


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