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New Ideas For Funding The Government

Posted on | April 1, 2011 | 5 Comments

by Smitty

Apparently there is nothing the Dutch hate like not prosecuting Geert Wilders, notes Volokh. But does this prompt ideas for fixing the fiscal mess left by George W. Bush?

  1. Taxation on freedom of expression. Not only could we cut down on spam email by taxing that, we could tax blog posts, and streamline hate crime legislation by explicitly calling the legal fees associated with sharing a viewpoint taxes. You say you like liberty, and I point out that, after years of Orwellian effort, ‘liberty’==’hate’, due to liberty’s proven tendency to value itself over the Holy State. With the ObamaCare precedent, the State can have you both ways, and tax you for hateful attempts to mind your own business. Sullenly.
  2. Taxation on the right to be an employee. We’re already soaking anyone with the temerity to run a business. But is that enough? We may need to get rid of the right-to-work notion of not being in a union. You really should understand the need to enjoy the warm embrace of the union, which will funnel money to the correct politicians to keep that embrace snug and cozy for ya. You’re welcome.
  3. Taxation on the right to privacy. Individualism is at the root of most of the problems in America today, most visibly the Tea Parties. However, there are many other problems, e.g. raaaaacism and the notion that the unborn matter, which fester in hidden corners. By making the costs of these problems clear through taxing privacy, greater government funding is attained, while minimizing a pressing threat to the State. Privacy is for the rich anyway. Call it a twofer.

Developing these ideas will be a boon to funding our Brave New World. So let’s get out there and crush some individualism!


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