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Word of the Day: ‘Creeptastic’

Posted on | April 5, 2011 | 15 Comments

As in, “Did you see that British tabloid story about the creeptastic beauty-pageant mom who gives her 8-year-old daughter Botox injections and bikini waxes?

Like other eight-year-old girls, Britney Campbell loves dancing to Lady GaGa, is fond of fashion and enjoys putting on make-up. . . .
Once every three months, Britney climbs on a beautician’s table and watches as mum Kerry prepares needles of Botox and fillers to be injected into her face.
Beautician Kerry, 34, from Birmingham, buys the substances online and injects them into her daughter’s forehead, lips and around her eyes.
The beauty-pageant obsessed single mum also takes her to have her body waxed, in a bizarre bid to stop her growing hair when she eventually hits puberty. . . .
“She also has her virgin wax monthly, which gets rid of her fluffy leg hair and makes sure she won’t develop pubic hair in the future.
“It will save her a fortune in waxing when she’s older.”

And the money she saves on waxing can be spent on psychotherapy, while she competes for the title of Junior Miss Neurotic Basket Case.

(Via Parenting, with a Twitter hat-tip to Alyssa Milano.)


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