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Pansexual? That Sounds Like A Member Of A Splinter Group That Broke Off From The Church Of Appliantology

Posted on | April 14, 2011 | 19 Comments

by Smitty

Dear Irene:

Sixteen-year-old Irene Rojas-Carroll, an activist who calls herself a “pansexual,” is the star of a San Francisco Chronicle story on a controversial California bill to mandate that schools pay tribute to homosexual pioneers in their history lessons.

Sexuality needs to return to being a private matter if the country is ever to recover. What Irene legally gets up to in her spare time could not interest me less. Nor do private peccadilloes require historical focus at the public school level. I suppose some kinks in history depended upon the kinks of the figures in question.
However, “pansexual” is such an absurd marketing gimmick that the only thing that comes to mind is Joe’s Garage. Have some self-respect, Irene. Rise above the level of a Frank Zappa satire with your humanity.


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