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Anti-Monarchist Christopher Hitchens Stubbornly Resists Royal Wedding Mania

Posted on | April 19, 2011 | 14 Comments

Give him credit at least for consistency:

Convinced republican that I am, and foe of the prince [i.e., Charles] who talks to plants and wants to be crowned “head of all faiths” as well as the etiolated Church of England, I find myself pierced by a pang of sympathy. Not much of a life, is it, growing old and stale with no real job except waiting for the news of Mummy’s death? Some British people claim actually to “love” their rather dumpy Hanoverian ruling house. This love takes the macabre form of demanding a regular human sacrifice whereby unexceptional people are condemned to lead wholly artificial and strained existences, and then punished or humiliated when they crack up.

Of course, this anti-royal ax-grinding is merely Hitch’s way of cashing in on the online traffic harvest to be reaped by writing anything — anything — about the pending nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton (soon to be Princess Catherine). The royal wedding will be live-streamed on the Internet and People magazine has cleverly figured out how the couple’s future daughter could be queen (working the feminist-monarchist angle, you see).

Me? I don’t have to write another word about the dynastic duo in order to exploit the royal wedding Web-traffic bonanza, because I planned ahead. That’s right: I’m now the No. 1 Bing result and the No. 2 Google result for “Kate Middleton upskirt.”

I think Hitch would appreciate that.


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