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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Dark Thoughts Of 2012

Posted on | April 19, 2011 | 15 Comments

by Smitty

Apparently the 18 hour road trip to Texas was a bit too much alone time for Ladd Ehlinger.

1) The Republican candidate will lose to Obama, no matter who is picked and 2) The “Red Wave” of 2010 will be reversed. Sorry to be a wet blanket here, but from my observations it seems inevitable. 
But if I’m right, it also seems to me that 2012 could then also be the year of freedom for Texas. Assuming, of course, that the right players do the right things. Success favors the well-planned.
And as I drove past farmland and urban centers, I began a thought experiment on what those right things should be.

RTWT. It’s not long, and one hopes that he’s largely planning/viewing a variation on the theme of Red Dawn, rather that serving up a prophecy.
Over at Works and Days, Victor Davis Hanson sketches 7 major symptoms of Obama-itis, offers 4 diagnostic points (erratic, disengaged, cynical, Machiavellian, etc.), and offers 3 prognoses. As usual, an intriguing read.
What seems missing in VDH’s analysis, however, is the notion of how the symptoms and diagnoses have worsened in the 30-ish months since BHO was elected. In the space of a month, we’ve just seen him start a Kinetic Military Action, without, some say, sufficient Congressional approval. We’ve also seen him use a signing statement to hoist a middle finger directly at Congress. Three questions come to mind:

  • Is he daring Congress to muster an impeachment effort?
  • Is he cracking up? Could he be hauled out in the I-love-me jacket at some point? (Heaven forbid this–seriously.)
  • If either of the above is true, what comes next?

I predict that what happens in the next year and a half is going to blow the layer of feeble, Progressive crust off the top of the country, and the real Americans are going to step up to the plate and Fix This Noise.
Obama isn’t really all that important. The country is reaching its political/economic nadir. If it wasn’t him, some other boob would have been polished and set in his position. Somebody nicer than Obama might have worsened the problem. Obama’s willingness to offer the Full Alinsky has even the most ruby rubes self-identifying before the re-election campaign is in full swing. A primary challenger to Obama is by no means impossible, particularly if the negative glideslope continues apace.
So sorry, Ladd: we waste our hate if we spare the man any. Rather, let us deal dispassionately with the calculated outrages. Let us focus the passion on sane candidates with valid policies that can turn this disaster around. And let us gird our loins for something that will have even Stacy McCain


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