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VIDEO CLASSIC: ‘Pure Bias, Which You Demonstrate With Every Breath You Take’

Posted on | April 20, 2011 | 8 Comments

Kerry Picket of The Washington Times has not yet identified the two dudes who hassled her at a press conference with D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, but the one dude (pictured above, right) let loose with a hissy rant of self-righteousness that will live in infamy:

“Don’t pretend that you’re not biased. . . . You are obviously hostile and filled with contempt. I have no interest in cooperating with you. You know that you’re dishonest, because you really have a point of view that’s filled with bias and prior conclusions. . . . And the people of D.C. have voted, have voted against vouchers. That either matters to you, and is dispositive because we have a representative democracy, or you are utterly driven by ideology — which is clearly the case. . . . Pure bias, which you demonstrate with every breath you take.”

Now let’s go to the video:

Just taking a wild guess — a shot in the dark — Mr. Hissy Self-Righteous will turn out to be a long-time public-school employee and/or a teachers-union activist. Nothing is more ironclad in the minds of such people than their inalienable right to employment at taxpayer expense. Because school-choice threatens to deprive them of their monopoly of feasting on the government teat, Kerry Picket’s questions about Gray’s opposition to vouchers were like garlic to a vampire.

There is a Memeorandum thread, with blog comment by Weasel Zippers, JammieWearingFool, The Right Scoop, Hot Air, Fire Andrea Mitchell and Verum Serum

UPDATE: A little birdy tells me I guessed wrong about these two guys. Not union. Not school officals. I’m kind of surprised (but perhaps shouldn’t be surprised) to learn that D.C.’s LGBT community is staunchly opposed to vouchers, because they oppose tax money being spent to send kids to church schools.


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