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Pneumonia Update, Etc.

Posted on | May 4, 2011 | 10 Comments

Three days since I went to the emergency room. I’m coughing less, but my chest is still sore. Everybody keeps telling me to drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest. Which I do, but then news happens and I feel the need to blog it. Also, there are feminists who need to be offended . . .

Dave C at Point of a Gun writes:

Pneumonia Is Fun Until Someone Gets Hurt And Loses A Lung

As an excuse to take drugs, it’s as good as a Pink Floyd concert. So if you ask, “How are you feeling?” my answer is, better than bin Laden:

Thanks to those who have hit the tip jar for the “Get Well Fund,” including Joan in Georgia, Philip in Englewood, and Linda in Tucson. Just so you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, here’s another vintage image that will offend the feminists:

Motherhood is an evil patriarchal conspiracy to deprive women of their sacred “right to choose,” you see. Matt at Conservative Hideout understands.

Speaking of the evil patriarchal conspiracy (and tip jars): Protein Wisdom is having a May fund-raiser, and Jimmie Bise Jr. at Sundries Shack is raising money for his podcast, The Delivery. And I think we need to offend the feminists some more, don’t you?

Patriotism, militarism and the sexist objectification of women: That’s how it was, back when America won wars without worrying whether we might “offend” our enemies.

Speaking of offensive enemies: Charles Johnson banned an LGF commenter for blogging about Chinese food.

I appreciate the get-well wishes from The Aged P, and apologize if my illness has impaired my ability to offend feminists this week — but I promise to try harder tomorrow. Please hit the tip jar!


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