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LIVE AT FIVE – 05.09.11

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In Wake Of Bin Laden Raid, The Heat Is On In Pakistan

National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon

Maybe we already know who helped hide Osama in plain sight. Maybe we don’t. But it sure looks like we’re going to push Pakistan into telling us.

Floods Along The Mississippi Lead To Calls For New Strategies
“For decades we’ve treated levees as the only line of defense…They ought to be the last line of defense.” Also, not continuing to build in flood plains.

“Sectarian” Violence Has Egypt On Edge

Salafist Muslims take advantage of relaxed security regime to prey on Coptic Christians; twelve dead this weekend after churches firebombed, shots exchanged

Fallen SEAL Hero Honored By New Destroyer

Maureen Murphy christens the destroyer named for her son, Lt. Michael Murphy

Medal of Honor winner would have been 35 years old

Huntsman Addresses Questions About Serving Obama As Ambassador To PRC

GOP Donors Slow To Commit To 2012 Candidates

Arizona Soliciting Online Donations To Build Border Fence

California Teachers To Rally Against Education Cuts

Euro Nations Divided Over Greek Debt
US Gas Prices Hit $4/Gallon, May Soon Retreat
Housing Crash Getting Worse
Irish Government Warns Pensions, Welfare, Civil Service Salaries Must Be Cut 33% Without EU/IMF Bailout
Chinese IPad Fanboys In Frenzied Fight
When Steve Jobs Isn’t Happy, He Really Isn’t Happy
David Braben Creates $25 Computer For Developing World

Lakers Swept Into Season Of Uncertainty

Kobe Bryant leaves American Airlines Arena after the Lakers lose Game 4

Mavericks crush Lakers 122-89 for the sweep; LA now has no coach, no bench, and not much room under the salary cap to maneuver for next year

Focused Hawks Get Physical And Get Even

Red Wings Stave Off Elimination, Force Game Six Against Sharks

Celtics Crank Up The D, Defeat The Heat In Game 3

Derby Champ Animal Kingdom Fresh For Preakness

Dickey And The Mets Come Up Short Against Dodgers

Angels Rally Gives Mike Scioscia 1000th Career Win

Paula Abdul Closes Deal To Join Simon Cowell As “X Factor” Judge

You've come a long way since the Laker Girls, Paula

CBS contract apparently slowed things up

David Beckham In Auto Accident On LA Freeway

Bieber Bratty During CSI Guest Appearance, Says Helgenberger

Johnny & Penelope Premiere “On Stranger Tides” At Disneyland

Heidi Klum & Seal Renew Their Wedding Vows

3AM Balcony Leap The Reason For Prince Harry Looking Rough Around The Edges?

Lindsay Lohan: I’m No $cientologist!

Lady Gag Uncut:”I’m Really Delusional About My Success”

Is Egypt Facing A Counterrevolution?
Syria Steps Up Crackdown On Protesters
Tens Of Thousands March In Mexico City Against Drug War Violence
Seventeen Killed In Iraq Prison Uprising
Watershed Election May Ease PAP’s Grip On Singapore
Japan Expected To Close Hamaoka Reactor Over quake Worries

Fire Andrea Mitchell: West Spokeswoman Says Time To Stop Trying To Defund Obamacare (For Now)
Left Coast Rebel: Half Of Adult Detroiters Functionally Illiterate
The Lonely Conservative: When Poverty Becomes Comfortable
Wall Street Journal: The SEAL Sensibility
Don Boudreaux: If Supermarkets Were Like Public Schools
Michael Barone: What The GOP Can Learn From Canada

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