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LIVE AT FIVE – 05.26.11

Posted on | May 26, 2011 | 5 Comments

Senate Democrats Shoot Down House Budget. Now What?

"Budget? We don't need no steenking budget!"

You can’t beat something with nothing, but the Dems are sure going to try.

Smart Uses Sentencing To Call Attention To Missing Children
B.D. Mitchell sentenced to life in prison

Loughner Ruled Incompetent To Stand Trial In Giffords Shooting
Will be sent to prison facility for treatment

John Edwards “Did Not Break The Law”, Attorney Claims

The late Elizabeth Edwards and some lowlife scumball

Well, that’s what Greg Craig’s being paid to say, no?

Sheriff Arpaio Says Three Maricopa County Officers Arrested For Drug Smuggling, Human Trafficking

Gingrich Talks Healthcare Without Mentioning Medicare

Suspended Schultz Apologizes On-Air To Laura Ingraham

Rand Paul Spearheads Resistance To Patriot Act Renewal

Pawlenty Calls For Social Security Cuts, Preserving Defense Budget

Liu Asks To Withdraw After GOP Filibuster Threat

Banks Team Up For Online Payment System
Lagarde Formally Announces Bid For Top IMF Spot
AIG Shares Drop In Wake Of Offering; Still $100 Billion To Go For TARP
California Pizza Kitchen Goes Private In $470 Million Buyout
Nikkei Index Rises Most In Three Weeks On Commodities, Weak Yen
Windows Phone Mango: Can It Challenge Androids, IPhone?
Microsoft Walks Back Ballmer’s Claim Of Windows 8 In 2012
Zuckerberg: Kids, Smartphones Need Not Apply

Lightning Stay Alive With 5-4 Win Over Boston

Lightning's St. Louis celebrates after second goal

Bruins blow early lead, continue inability to score on power plays

NCAA Rejects USC Appeal; Trojans Ineligible For Pac-12 Title

Brown’s Arrival Signals An End To the Triangle

Towles Breaks Slump, Strokes Walk-Off RBI Single To Give  Astros The Win

Talbot Overwhelmed By BoSox; Indians Crushed 14-2

Soccer Association Can’t Ignore Insider’s Corruption Charges

Mariano Rivera Notches 1000th Game

Mets Selloff Coming, So Who’s Going?

Nicole Scherzinger In For Cheryl Cole On “X-Factor”

Ex-Pussycat Doll promoted from co-host to judge

TMZ says network wanted Coles gone over accent

Kim Kardashian Engaged

“Arnie Complained About His Sexless Marriage”

“American Idol” Crowns Scott McCreery

Brad Pitt On Parenting: “I Don’t Bring My Crap Home”

Oprah Says Goodbye

Beyonce Reveals Inspiration Behind BMA Performance

VH1 Rebooting “Pop-Up Videos”
Is there no end to their depravity?

Obama Pushes Euros Not To Support Palestinian Statehood Bid
Senior Libyan Official Opens Possibility Of Gadhafi Departure For First Time
US To Reduce Military Presence In Pakistan
No Easy Options To Solve India Power Crisis
Denmark’s Marmite Snub Sparks Fury Across Britain
What’s Going On At Japan’s Crippled Nuke Plant?

Lonely Conservative: Paul Ryan Gets Words Of Encouragement From – Bill Clinton? (Video)
AmSpecBlog: Paul, Toomey Budgets Do Better Than Obama’s In Senate
Chris Chocola: NY-26 A Referendum, But Not On Medicare
Moe Lane: The Ed Schultz Suspension Story Reminds Me…(NSFW)
Don Surber: MSNBC Suspends Sexist
Contentions: Key Jewish Donor Breaks With Obama
Allahpundit: Clyburn Claims Obama’s Problems Are Due Largely To Racism
Tina Korbe: EPA Chief Confirms No Fracking Water Contamination

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