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Ace Is Suffering Weiner Overload

Posted on | May 30, 2011 | 11 Comments

Illustration by Carol of No Sheeples Here

After 72 hours of constant weinering, Ace says he’s all weinered out — afflicted with hyperweinerosis — so he’s pulled the plug to go watch a movie. Before he left, however, Ace put up a post trying to analyze the infamous photo of Weiner’s alleged wiener.

Meanwhile, Mediaite brought in a photo expert to do a similar analysis.

The result? A tactical draw.

As might be expected.

The belief that this mystery can be solved by analyzing the available online data, staring at the photo long enough until you spot the smoking-gun clue, is probably misguided.  Wherever the answer to this enigma is to be found, I don’t think it’s in the photo itself, because the question is not whether the photo is “real.” The question is who sent it from Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account.

Weiner’s spokesman has denied that the congressman sent it, and has asserted that the congressman’s accounts were “obviously hacked.” However — and I can’t emphasize this enough — the congressman himself has said nothing, except for a couple of vague jokes on Twitter.

No one has interviewed Weiner. He hasn’t been on TV or radio. He hasn’t issued any statement under his own name. He hasn’t held a press conference. He is incommunicado.

So long as Weiner is not personally addressing this controversy, and so long as there is no law enforcement investigation of the alleged “hacking,” bloggers can comment until they’re blue in the face without solving the mystery. It doesn’t matter whether it’s DKos kooks ginning up conspiracy theories, or right-wingers speculating about Weiner’s sexual predilictions, all of this is of little use to answering the question of whether Weiner or some unknown “hacker” sent that photo.

Anthony Weiner isn’t talking.

That’s rare enough in itself to constitute a clue — a clue far more significant than anything we’re likely to find by microanalyzing a photo.

(And yes, I said “microanalyzing.” IYKWIMAITYD.)

UPDATE: For those of you who haven’t followed the developments, Bryan Preston at PJM has an excellent summary, “Weinergate: What We Know.”



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