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‘Had Two’

Posted on | June 6, 2011 | 2 Comments

by Smitty

I can understand why Dan Riehl enjoys thrashing Jennifer Rubin so much. Emphasis mine in the following:

As I have written before, following the 2008 presidential election Palin had two choices: be a serious political leader or occupy that space between celebrity and conservative rabble-rouser. She was far better suited to the latter, which pays better and demand less wonkery (which she has demonstrated is outside her comfort zone). And now what is left? To explain the choice in a way that concedes nothing to her opponents and that maintains her status as a base icon. You’d be hard pressed to come up with a better mechanism than a motorcycle caravan, which highlights how unlike the disciplined pols she is.

Palin has never been criticized for lack of smarts when it came to cultivating an image and a career that frees her from the restraints and demands that encumber national politicians. She’s the ultimate self-made woman, with a career and identity unique to her. You can understand why it would be ludicrous to give that up and risk her place in the conservative movement for a race she doesn’t want to run and likely can’t win.

Read the whole thing, right up to its famous-last-words conclusion.
Sarah Palin was not limited to two choices then, now, nor at any subsequent time J.R. publishes something. Nor is it fair to assert she doesn’t want to run. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot the bus tour, Jennifer, you’re so brilliant? Are you asserting some exclusive knowledge here, trying to pose with Will and Krauthammer (not to mention Noonan), or trying to project your beltway-insider dread, to stun S.P. into submission?
Here is the rub: the Progressive politics of failing upward have failed utterly. The traditional source of our political problems is the tradition S.P. is bucking. How, J.R., can the parade of traditional Progressive clowns deliver anything other than traditional failure?
Maybe you’re in on the double secret reverse psychology play. I hope that’s the case, truly. Because what this current crisis will need is people thinking about liberty, and forcing the conversation to be about liberty, and about candidates who support liberty.
What is not needed is sad little hacks trying to go Alinsky, personalize, and short-sell candidates in the name of opportunism. Jennifer, maybe Krauthammer, Will, you, and Noonan fit that mold. You guys could have your own radio station. KWRN. K-WRoNg, where ain’t nothin’ right.
Likely not the fame they you’re seeking.


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