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Weiner’s Race-Mongering Past

Posted on | June 8, 2011 | 7 Comments

If any Republican had exploited racial fear to win an election as shamelessly as Anthony Weiner exploited racial fear to win his first election in 1991, the Left would never forget it, nor forgive it.

You see it’s all about that “D” beside his name. Just put a “D” beside your name and no progressive can ever find fault with you.

Well, maybe a few can find fault — like Democrats who are trying to win elections. Former Democratic National Committee chairman (and 2012 Virginia Senate candidate) Tim Kaine: “Lying is unforgivable. Lying publicly about something like this is unforgivable and he should resign.” And the CNN headline:

Democratic leaders ostracize Weiner

Meanwhile, check out the transcript of Weiner’s Facebook chats with Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss.

What a classy guy . . .


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