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Gennette Cordova: Still Pro-Weiner

Posted on | June 12, 2011 | 13 Comments

That’s the most important takeaway from Aaron Worthing’s online interview with the 21-year-old student to whom Anthony Weiner send the momentous May 27 crotch-photo Tweet.

Reading everything she said, taking it all at face value, it is impossible to escape the conclusion: Gennette Cordova is a liberal Democrat and her chief regret of her role in this entire episode is its negative political impact for Democrats, Weiner included.

Ace of Spades tries to read between the lines of Cordova’s comments, but I think that’s pointless. Given her obvious political incentives, to say nothing of her personal incentives, including her relationship with her live-in boyfriend,  shouldn’t we be profoundly skeptical of her version of events?

Cordova deleted the Twitter account on which she carried on her DM exchanges with Weiner, so that she herself no longer has a record of what either of them said in those exchanges. Now she publicly describes those exchanges as perfectly innocent, a description which — if true — raises the question of why Weiner would have suddenly decided to send her that crotch photo, unsolicited.

But we don’t know what is true or not and, absent a law-enforcement investigation that includes subpoenas for the complete records from Twitter, Facebook, etc., we can never know. The same is true of the Delaware teen — I doubt the cops there got subpoenas for her Twitter records — and of everything else involved in this story: Absent a thorough law-enforcement investigation, we have only a partial record of the evidence, and are left to wonder about everything else.

And I remind you that the one thing Weiner has been most eager to avoid is a law-enforcement investigation. Because once the FBI starts asking questions, the rule becomes: Tell a lie, go to jail.

Gennette Cordova was, and apparently remains, a liberal Democrat fan of Anthony Weiner. So if she’s telling a version of the story that would tend to discourage an FBI investigation, I certainly am not surprised.


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