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‘Mike Used Bad Judgment’: Top LAX Official Resigns in Sexting Scandal

Posted on | June 16, 2011 | 2 Comments

Little Miss Attila lives in LA and caught this interesting story:

CBS Investigative reporter David Goldstein has learned that a top LAX official has resigned his post after allegations surfaced that he was sexting and sending sexually explicit messages on his LAX-issued phone.
Goldstein tracked Michael Molina down at his house but Molina had no comment.
LAX CEO Gina Marie Lindsay confirmed the resignation to Goldstein late Wednesday afternoon. . . .
Molina was with LAX for three years. His reported salary: $192,400. . . .
Prior to working for LAX, Goldstein reports that Molina was a chief of staff for council member Janice Hahn. She told Goldstein, “Mike used bad judgment. I asked him about it and he resigned…and I can’t say more.”

So the Democrat running for Congress had a sex-texting pervert as chief of staff, and she was also the patron saint of L.A.’s gangster community.


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