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‘Marriage’ Is A Complete Concept

Posted on | June 27, 2011 | 34 Comments

by Smitty

Prefixing ‘marriage’ in any way adds no meaning to its proper, timeless understanding. Frank J cogently argues “The Arguements For Gay Marriage Are Incoherent“.
Given that one finds the behavior of others is often incoherent, I like his point #2:

Given that marriage is a religious institution that the government participates in, there are two — and only two — logical responses.
1. Recognize it’s special place as religious institution fundamental to society and thus preserve it — perhaps even adding an amendment to the Constitution.

2. Have it removed from government entirely because of the separation of church and state and simply allow the government to recognize legal contracts between two or more adults, allowing them to put whatever ceremony on it they want.

The libertarian approach is really the most economical. To paraphrase the King of Swamp Castle, “Let’s not sit here bickering and arguing over ‘oo married ‘oo.”
I know perfectly well what ‘marriage’ means. Judge the tree by the fruit. Plant the orchard of idiocy, say I; fools will rationalize away the results, and self-identify.


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