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GOP Swears Balanced Budget Amend. Will Make Congress Serious About The Job They’ve Blown Off For Decades

Posted on | July 5, 2011 | 15 Comments

by Smitty

One of the challenges in Afghanistan is that there just isn’t a competent workforce to do, for example, wire a building. You’ve just had a building built. Your likelihood in the winter of turning on the heat and not having your new building, itself, become the heat source is just not where most insurance companies would like it to be. Not wanting to get too pejorative here.
Now, after the smoke has all been let out of your building, and you build another, and the same people come back and offer to wire it again, where is your trust? Is your trust down in the abused spouse range? Are you the sort of punishment glutton that figures you’re just funding OJT for these genuinely nice, but incompetent folks?
Senatorial hopeful George Allencopies a National Review article about the GOP and the balanced budget amendment:

A Balanced Budget Amendment must be included in any agreement to raise the debt ceiling. Helping our economy grow and create jobs needs to start with binding steps to exercise fiscal restraint. The reckless and wasteful spending in Washington is out-of-control, and it’s time that lawmakers take a stand and force our country to get its fiscal house in order.

What sort of stand should these politicians make, George? Lemonade? Could they run such a stand? Could they prove their capacity to do so, before we extend more trust?
I’m working hard to be constructive here. What will be new about this balanced budget amendment that will give our government a lasting shot of common sense? Will there be an emergency spending loophole? Will we see budgeting, itself, become a purely emergency evolution?
In short, again-prospective-Senator Allen, if we’re going to waste time amending the Constitution to say we should balance the budget, we should also amend it to force Congressmen to sign papers with their real names. They would still behave as cartoon characters, one suspects.
No, one suspects this shall amount to nothing more than political theater. Here are some suggestions for what to do to regain some credibility:

  • Axe some executive departments. Snuff some Congressional committees.
  • Implement a one page tax code. (A call to axe the IRS outright might be seen as extreme.)
  • Reduce non-military federal jobs by a percentage equal to jobs lost since BHO was sworn in.

Show some leadership, George. Tell us how you’ll liberate Americans from the thrall of Atrocious Congresses Past. We’ll love you for it.


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