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LIVE AT FIVE – 07.07.11

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GOP Signals Flexibility On Obama Deficit Plan

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Loophole closures must be matched by offsetting tax cuts, Cantor says

Female Grizzly Kills Yellowstone Hiker
Not a Sarah Palin story

No Stone Left Unthrown In Direction Of Rupert Murdoch
Labour, Tory MPs condemn behavior of Murdochs’ media empire as phone scandal continues to grow

Latest Threat: Surgically Implanted Bombs?
DHS warns airlines of fresh splodeydope interest in method

ATF Head Implicates FBI, DEA In Gunwalker Scandal

Acting ATF head Kenneth Melson

FBI, DEA kept ATF in the dark about cartel members’ informant status

Court Forces End To Military Gay Discharges In Advance of DADT Repeal Effective Date

Mitt Taps Disgruntled Wall Street Donors, Leads Cash Race

It’ll Be Palin v. Potter Next Week At The Box Office

House And Senate Panels Take Up Three Trade Bills

ECB’s Trichet Fights A War On Two Fronts
Stocks, Metals Advance On PRC Rates Outlook
Mexico Suspends Punitive Tariffs As Truck Programs Begin
Crude Prices Up As US Inventory Shrinks
US Stocks Advance As Euro Weakens; Treasuries Gain
Facebook, Skype Launch Video Chat
The Apps That Eat Your Wireless Data
Amazon Cloud Player Adds Unlimited Storage
Apple Seeks Ban On Import Of Samsung Phones & Tablets

Annual Running Of The Bulls Kicks Off In Pamplona

Thousands pack the main square in Pamplona waiting for feast to officially begin

No death, only one injury in annual rite

Jeter Close To 3000 As Yanks Head Home After Another Loss To Tribe

Poor Dodgers: Team Drops Fifth In A Row, This Time To Mets

Not Much Love For Clemens From Jury Pool

Canadian Doctor To Star Athletes Pleads Guilty To HGH Smuggling

Schierholtz Homers In 14th For Giants Win

Former UNLV Hoops Star Armen Gilliam Dies, 47

ROK Expects Huge Economic Boost From 2018 Winter Olympics

Errors Lead Pirates To 8-2 Loss As Astros Avoid Sweep

Two Blasts And A Bunt Lift Nationals To 5-4 Win

Natalie Portman Names Son Alef

Natalie and hubby in New York

So what’s in a name?

Vivid Prez: Casey Anthony Could Be XXX Star

Charlie Sheen’s New Show: “Anger Management”
(No, Really)

“Glee” Wants Chord Overstreet Back

Lindsay Lohan Returns To Form In Vanity Fair Italy Shoot

Keri Russell Pregnant With Second Child

Done Deal! James Spader Joins “The Office”

Taylor Swift Cancels Shows Due To Illness

Taylor Lautner Stars In “Field Of Dreams 2” Spoof

Oprah Winfrey’s New Role: High School Teacher

Spike Lee In Talks To Direct “Oldboy” Remake
Ugh, no. 🙁

PRC Insists Jiang Zemin Not Dead Yet
Can South Sudan Limit Internal Strife?
Taliban Refutes Claims Of Peace Talks
Dozens Arrested Ahead Of Syrian “Reform” Summit
Greece Offers Aid After Flotilla Banned
Israel Braces For Arrival Of Pro-Palestinian Activists At Airport As Flotilla Plans Run Aground

American Power: Obama Proposes Social Security Cuts
Weasel Zippers: Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) Floats Impeachment If Obama Usurps Congressional Authority On Debt Limit
Allahpundit: Bachmann Within Single Digits Of Romney In New Hampshire?
Confederate Yankee: Blowing Gunwalker Wide Open
Lonely Conservative: Your Tax Dollars At Work Bullying People On Twitter
Michelle Malkin: All The President’s High-Paid “Engagers”
Atlas Shrugs: US Takes Israel Off Terror List, DHS Blames “Inaccurate Information”
Jawa Report: UNHRC’s Richard Falk Posts Anti-Semitic Cartoon, Forgets That Internet Doesn’t Forget
John Stossel: The College Scam
Hit & Run: The High Price Of A Stimulus Success
Ed Driscoll: California Finally Focuses On Solving The Big Issues
Sister Toldjah: Our Race-Baiting First Black President

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