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Feminists: Dishonest, Crazy or Both?

Posted on | July 19, 2011 | 26 Comments

We don’t expect honesty or sanity from Amanda Marcotte:

Bolder Anti-Sex Arguments
Coming From Religious Right

You can be anti-promiscuity without being “anti-sex,” and Marcotte’s casual conflation of the two phenomena tells you much more about feminism’s agenda than it does about what the “Religious Right” is up to.

Lisa Graas replies to Marcotte’s sexual paranoia at Life Action.

Meanwhile, evidence that liberals are now scraping the bottom of the barrel in their debt-ceiling arguments:

A Feminist Economist Speaks Out:
Deficits are a Grrrl’s Best Friend

This is an insult to “grrrls” who can actually do math. Or spell.

UPDATE: Why don’t feminists ever speak out about the people who send Michelle Malkin vicious hate-mail like this?

You are such a mean bitter old bitch, it’s a shame the Japs didn’t murder your parents before they came to the U.S. . . .

fuck off and die you worthless lying cunt . . .

you stupid fucking cunt . . .

You dumb cunt! . . .

Heartless bitch.  . . .

Asian trailer trash. . . .

The people calling Malkin such horrible names actually included their names and personal e-mail addresses, which she is only too happy to reprint, for the benefit of the tens of thousands of loyal readers who visit her site daily and who might want to say a word or two back to these hate-filled idiots.


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