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Jim Moran: Clownish Buffoon, Or Buffoonish Clown?

Posted on | July 21, 2011 | 8 Comments

by Smitty (hat tip: BlogProf)

Ol’ “Gentleman” Jim Moran just does Northern Virginia Proud:

I suppose that, if you hold a condescending, equestrian viewpoint, and taxpayers are a flock of sheep to be shorn in support of your Vision of Progress, then Moran’s viewpoint may seem sensible. Moran’s point seems to be that if you’ve drawn breath as a U.S. citizen, then you should assume the position and pay your taxes with Biden-esque enthusiasm. Notions of liberty, private property within the lumpen proletariat, and politics as an area where all vantage points count just don’t seem to matter as much as the State and Ruling Class, to Moran.
I’d like to feel that I’m reading way too much into this short segment; that “Gentleman” Jim was just having an off day, and would offer a reasonable response given another try; that Moran is something other than a sad meat puppet in service of the Federal Cthulhu; however, I’ve shared a Congressional District and voted against him this last decade.
If this blog achieves anything, it is my sincere hope that enough Americans are rallied to punt this fellow off of Capitol Hill. He is emblematic of the problem, and ideologically incapable of leadership in general, and leadership toward solutions in particular.


8 Responses to “Jim Moran: Clownish Buffoon, Or Buffoonish Clown?”

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