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FMJRA 2.0: Steam

Posted on | July 24, 2011 | 4 Comments

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VIDEO: Herman Cain Talks Mosques, Sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood

BREAKING: Explosions Blast Government Buildings in Norway; Terrorism Suspected UPDATE: Death Toll Now Reported at 17 UPDATE: Shooting Suspect Norwegian, Official Says; No Word Yet on Motive UPDATE: Anders Behring Breivik Named as Suspect Under Arrest — ‘Right Wing’?

A Prediction Comes True?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Is ‘Vile … Despicable … Coward,’ Says Allen West

Death Toll Now Reported at 91 in Norway ‘Christian Fundamentalist’ Terror Attack UPDATE: Video Added; Gunman Posed as Policeman and Boasted, ‘I’ll Kill You All’

Feminists: Dishonest, Crazy or Both?

EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood Teen Bride’s Mom Blames Jealousy, ‘Insecurities’ for Criticism of Courtney and Doug Hutchison

The Dark Night of Fascism

A Democrat, Re-Assessed

Steyn Sounds Less Than Confident On Debt Talks. Wonder Why.

Why Do These ‘Organized Political Extremist Groups’ Hate Jane Fonda?

Obama Wants ‘Largest Deal Possible’

FMJRA 2.0: Sharp Dressed Man

Rule 5 Sunday: Navigator

It Depends on How You Define ‘Success’

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.18.11

From ‘Not Not Running’, To ‘Not Running Traditional Campaign’, To ‘Not Letting Americans Off The Hook’: Go, Palin!

Afghan Task Of Turning The U.S. Into Land Of Corrupt Warlords: Fruitful

See? B.S.!

Krikorian on Cain, Islam and Immigration

An Eternal Truth: ‘Getting Your Eyebrow Pierced Does Not Make You Any Less Fat’

Why Is Tim Pawlenty Losing?

‘The Undefeated’ Will Be Attacked With The Usual Non-Falsifiable Proposition

You Should Have Listened to Glenn Beck

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.19.11

Why Beautiful Women Read This Blog

GOP Dept. of Media Relations

Obligatory ‘Chris Matthews Says Something Stupid’ Video Post

He Made It to the Third Sentence

Racial Violence in South Carolina

Pregnancy Is Not a Disease and Contraception Is Not ‘Health Care’

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.20.11

Smitty Home On R&R

Talking to Courtney Stodden’s Mom

Jim Moran: Clownish Buffoon, Or Buffoonish Clown?

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.21.11

Q: Contessa Brewer, Do You Have A Degree In Bimbology?
A: Yes, I Do, Highest Honors

When Havidol Is Not Enough: Spenditol

‘What God Hath Joined Together …’

Could Dionne’s 21 July Column Be The Worst Dreck Ever?

The Terrible Legislative Catastrophe No One Will Remember in November 2012

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.22.11

DeMint Decommisions Commissions, Plus Subtle Krauthammer Humor

Dear John Hawkins …

What Happened to ‘No Drama Obama’?

Democrat Sex Scandal: Teen Accuses Oregon Congressman David Wu

A: Have You Considered Tendering Your Resignation, Sir?

FAA Shutdown Goes Mostly Unnoticed; Really Futile And Stupid Gesture Required

Obligatory Hollywood Teen Bride and ‘OMG! Bristol Palin! Scandal!’ Blogging

CAIR Loves ‘Em Some LGF: ‘Glad to See That Chaz Is Now Marketing the Caliphate’

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