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LIVE AT FIVE – 10.06.11

Posted on | October 6, 2011 | 3 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011, RIP

Steve Jobs at the opening of the SoHo Apple Store

Former Apple CEO dies of pancreatic cancer; created many pioneering computers, devices

Sarah Palin Says She’s Not Running In 2012
Cites family as main reason behind decision

Senate Dems Propose 5.6% Millionaire Surtax
McConnell Accuses Democrats Of Political Maneuvering

Latest Fundraising Puts Perry Far Ahead Of Romney, Ron Paul

Texas Governor Rick Perry

He’s got the cash, if not the poll numbers

Civil Rights Leader Fred Shuttlesworth Dies, 89

Supremes Weigh How Far Government Can Intrude In Church Dispute

Breyer, Scalia Testify At Senate Judiciary Hearing

Obama Appoints Shakira To Advisory Board

ATF’s New Director Shakes Up Agency

Dozens Arrested During “Occupy Wall Street” March

Microsoft Considers Bid For Yahoo
US Stocks Rise On Hopes For European Banks
Asian Stocks Jump On Signs Of Hope For Debt Crisis
ADP Estimates Employers Added 91,000 Jobs In September
Apartment Vacancies Drop To Five-Year Low
Samsung Pays Tribute To Steve Jobs; CEO Expresses Condolences
Ellison Unveils New Cloud, Trashes
India Unveils $50 Android Tablet
Amazon Allows Kindle Users To Opt Out Of Ads – For A Price
New York Public Library Looking At Loaning Not Just E-books but E-Readers

Freese Knocks In Four Runs To Force Game 5 Against Phillies

Matt Holliday congratulates David Freese after Freese hits a two-run dinger in the sixth

Phillies’ Oswalt coughs up four runs, game, unbeaten streak in post-season

NBA To Cancel Games If No Deal By Monday

Nova Faces Fister In Game 5 Of ALDS

Edwards Itching To Win At Kansas

Texas Announces QB Garrett Gilbert Will Transfer

It’s Hockey Night In Canada – Oh Yeah, In US Too

Vick Says “Dream Team” Nickname Is Dead

Michael Oher Would Appreciate Somebody Telling Him Who This Steve Jobs Guy Was

Ashton Kutcher Kicks Off Sixth Wedding Anniversary In Hot Tub With Two Women

Homewrecking slut Sara Leal

Neither one being Demi Moore

Courtney Love On Kurt Cobain: “For What He Did To Us, I’d F***ing Kill Him”

Jenifer Aniston: “There’s No Desperation To Have A Baby”

Johnny Depp Apologizes For Controversial Rape Comment

Kristin Cavallari: “DWTS Is Clearly Not A Dance Competition”
u mad?

Buzz Over Eddie Murphy and SNL

“Glee” Casts Love Interest For Coach Beiste

Fox’s “New Girl” Enlists Lizzie Caplan

Snoop Dogg To Star In NBC Family Sitcom

Greek Public Sector Shuts Down Over Debt Crisis Cuts
Pakistan Reacts Cautiously To Afghan-India Pact
Afghan Intel Uncovers Paki-Backed Assassination Plot Against President Karzai
Clinton Warns UNESCO Of Consequences For Palestinian Admission
ANC In Crisis After Dalai Lama Visa Botch
Spokesman Says No Presidential Candidate From Military

American Power: Wall Street’s 99% Took Out Too Much Student Loan Debt
Michelle Malkin: From “I, Pencil” To iPhone
Kevin Williamson: A [Steve] Jobs Agenda
The Lonely Conservative: Demands Of “Occupy Wall Street”
Outside The Beltway: #Occupy Wall Street – A Protest, Or A Temper Tantrum?
PJ Tatler: Labor Department IG Says Obama’s Green Jobs Training Is A Flop
Don Surber: NYC Needs Hunters
Atlas Shrugs: Ohio Caves to Demands Of Muslim Honor Killer On Death Row
Hit & Run: Colorado Farmers Hire Locals For Farm Labor, But They Quit After Six Hours
American Spectator: Jackson Pulls A Freeman, West Irate
Neo-Neocon: Unintentional Humor From MoDo

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  2. mojo
    October 6th, 2011 @ 11:11 am

    “Homewrecking slut”? Now, really.

    So she humped Demi’s boy-toy. Big deal. Who hasn’t?

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    October 6th, 2011 @ 11:24 am

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