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LIVE AT FIVE – 11.04.11

Posted on | November 4, 2011 | 3 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Senate GOP Shoots Down $60 Billion Infrastructure Bill

Because the rabbit with the pancake on its head lacks gravitas.

Dems can’t muster more than 51 votes in procedural move to bring bill forward.

Eighty Arrested In Oakland After General Strike Turns Violent
Vandalism and violence blamed on anarchists; Port of Oakland reopens this morning

Cain Faces Public Airing Of Harassment Claims
Restaurant association mulling release of statement from anonymous accuser

Romney Says Reducing Spending A “Moral Responsibility”

Mitt Romney brandishes notes for his fiscal policy speech last night in Exeter

Offers preview of tomorrow’s speech to AFP gathering, calls for $500 billion in cuts

Perry Asks Iowans: “Are You Better Off Than You Were $4 Trillion Ago?”
Probably not getting a whole lot of folks saying yes

House Committee Subpoenas White House Solyndra E-Mails

Pennsylvania Unveils Plan For Bankrupt Harrisburg

Mayor Bing: Detroit In “Extremely Serious” Financial Shape

Senate GOP Tells “Supercommittee” Tax Increases Are DOA

Congressional Democrats Go On Record As Favoring Vote Fraud – Or At Least Opposing Tougher Voting Laws

Asia Stocks Rise After ECB Rate Cut
Groupon Raises $700 Million In Biggest IPO Since Google
Lefty Advocacy Groups Claim Most Companies Don’t Pay Taxes At 35% Rate
Chesapeake Energy Nears $3.4 Billion In Deals
US Banks To Push Prepaid, Credit Cards
Starbucks Profit Up Despite Economic Jitters
Amazon Starts Lending Library For Kindle Owners With Prime Memberships
Google Updates Search Algorithm, Ups Ante Vs. Bing
PRC Singled Out For Cyberspying, Russia Also Named In Economic Espionage Report

Stalled NBA Negotiations Lead To Talk Of Union Decertification

Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter of the NBA players union

Disgruntled faction among players may seek decertification if no deal or wrong deal is made by the weekend

Devils Outlast Flyers In Shootout; Jets Shut Out Rangers

Mackanin First Up In Cubs’ Search

Former Giant Matty Alou Dies, 72

Colts’ Manning Waiting For Neck To Heal, Hoping To Play This Season

Panthers’ Markstrom Makes Case In Loss To Blackhawks

Nationals Get More Wang: One Year, $4 Million

“Breaking Dawn” Sex Scene Almost Earns Film R Rating

Kristen Stewart

So steamy, they had to re-cut it for the PG

Courtney Stodden Steps Out Barefaced and Barely Clothed

Lindsay Lohan Has To Re-shoot For Playboy

Walden Media, J-Lo Team Up On “Carmen Sandiego”

Why Lady Gaga And Katie Couric Will Spend Thanksgiving Together

Marilyn Manson Goes Nuts In Vegas

Nicki Minaj: Maid Is Money-Grubbing Liar

Snooki: I Wish “Jersey Shore” Didn’t Show As Much Drinking And Partying

Greek PM Faces Knife-Edge Survival Vote
His own party may throw him out
Israel Faces Iran Attack Questions
Syria Crackdown Continues, Opposition Says
Setback For Palestinians: UK, France, Colombia Say They’ll Abstain From UNSC Vote
What If They Had A Gaza Flotilla And Nobody Noticed?
Egyptian Generals Giving Signs They’re Not Relinquishing Power
Kenyan Military Spokesman Uses Twitter To Shut Down Border Donkey Sales To Shabaab Jihadis

Dave Weigel: Cainaquiddick, Where Source-Based Journalism Goes To Die
Big Hollywood: Michael Moore Attacks First Responders
OWS Exposed: Occupy DC Led By Lifelong Activists
Lonely Conservative: Officials From Organization Formerly Known As ACORN Destroying Documents Tying Them To OWS
Don Surber: People Of Walmart May Elect Next President
Weasel Zippers: Chronic Flip-Flopper Mitt Romney – “I’ve Been As Consistent As A Human Being Can Be”

Michele Malkin: More Ugly Occupy Oakland Pictures That Won’t Make The Front Pages
NRO Corner: Kristof Is Wrong To Hail The Birth Control Solution
Atlas Shrugs: Love Among The Ruins – Obama Hugs Turkish PM Erdogan

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