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LIVE AT FIVE – 12.11.11

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

DNC Says Gingrich The Original Tea Partier

Newt Gingrich

LOLWUT? Stop smoking that dope and get serious, Debbie!

Obama Makes His Case For Second Term On “60 Minutes”
Not done destroying economy, basically

Manuel Noriega Extradited To Panama, Will Serve Jail Time
Old enough to serve sentences under house arrest

New England States Cut Low-Income Heating Aid For Poor

What party thinks it's okay to let poor people freeze? Hint: not the GOP

And what party would be running all those states, to say nothing of the Federal Government, Posties? *crickets*

Kansas Tea Party Group Discovers Skunks Now Racist

Ron Paul Won’t Rule Out Third-Party Run

Who’s Protecting Illegals? A State-By-State List

Congress Edges Toward Compromise On Spending

Rick Perry Hears Support, Hecklers At Ames Stop

SCV Files Free Speech Lawsuit To Get Confederate Flag License Plate

Asia Stocks Snap Two-Day Loss On EU Optimism
PRC Marks Decade In WTO Amid EU, US Criticism
Mr. Corzine Goes To Washington
Debt Buyers Brace For Busy Weeks
Filthy Hippies Hope To Block West Coast Ports
Corporate Carve-Out Revolt In Illinois
Oil Fluctuates On Europe Debt Outlook; Iran Urges Production Cuts
WebOS Doomed To Fail…
…Or Did HP Finally Make The Right Move?
Apple’s Hottest New Product Can Be Thrown In The Wash
Google’s Integration Of Google+ Into GMail Is Right Touch
Falcone’s LightSquared Said To Disrupt 75% Of GPS In Tests

Broncos Trample Bears, 13-10, Take First Place

Bears DB Brian Urlacher brings down Tebow

Broncos come back from 10-point deficit in fourth quarter, win in OT on 51-yard field goal
How To Explain Tim Tebow? He Has QB Rating Of 110.2 After Third Quarter

Mavericks Sign Odom From Lakers

Yates Heroics Send Texans To Playoffs

Braun Tests Positive For Drugs – Or Does He?

Redskins Find Failure Again

Sharks Can’t Hold Late Lead, Fall to Blackhawks In OT

“Posing Nude Gives Me Confidence”

Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover

Lindsay Lohan in Playboy

Britney Spears Celebrates 30th Birthday A Week Late

Alec Baldwin Continues To Flout First Rule Of Holes

Hulk Hogan Sues Ex-Wife Over Abuse, Gay Affair Claims

Kirsten Dunst Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Frenchman

“Jersey Shore”‘sAngelina Pivarnick Sued Over Staten Island Mall Fight

Lowe’s Pulls Ads From “All-American Muslim”

Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Gets First Movie Role

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O Is Married!

Katy Perry Talks SNL: “There Were A Lot Of Pitches About My Boobs”

US Military Vacates Pakistani Air Base
Cameron Prepares To Defend EU Veto Amid Deputy PM’s Criticism
Russia’s Middle Class Turns On Putin
ROK Coast Guardsman Killed By PRC Fisherman
Syrian Activists Call For Strike; Violence Ramps Up In Homs
Peruvian President Humala Names Retired Army Officer As PM

David Weigel: Newt Wins The Dress Rehearsal
Legal Insurrection: Newt’s Palestinian Comment Was About More Than History
The Lonely Conservative: Santorum Says – We Need This Election To Be About Barack Obama
Gateway Pundit: Obama-endorsed #OWS Goons Ready To Shut Down US Ports Today
NRO Corner: What About National Security?
Israel Matzav: Were The “Palestinians” Invented?
Jawa Report: Watch Out, Jonas Brothers – Obama Was Serious About Using Predator Drones
Via Meadia: The Brits Tune Out The Greens
Jihad Watch: In Maldives, Silent Protest For Religious Tolerance Attacked With Bricks, Stones, Death Threats
Jonah Goldberg: More On Fact-Checking
Weasel Zippers: Obama Says “Everybody Has To Do Their Part” To Redistribute Wealth

SOTD: I Don’t Care (So There)


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