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In Which I Take Fast, Furious Cheap Shot At Jay Carney

Posted on | June 23, 2012 | Comments Off on In Which I Take Fast, Furious Cheap Shot At Jay Carney

by Smitty

President Obama may have to clear a high bar in order to lock down Fast and Furious documents from the prying eyes of congressional investigators. . .

An imaginary exchange at the daily White House Press Briefing. . .

Carney: Now, I am not privy to the Fast & Furious documents that are in contention between the Attorney General and Congress. However, our interns now are distributing some hard copies of declassified, redacted documents to the press. . .

Wendell Goler Have you reviewed these yourself?

Carney: I was privy to a late draft that was pretty much down to definite articles and prepositions, plus most of the punctuation.

. . .muttering in the press pool. . .

Is there some sort of problem with what the interns distributed?

What the press corps saw.

What the press corps saw.

Jake Tapper: Dude: where are the redacted documents? This is several copies of the cover of The Black Album, by Metallica! Nice Gadsden serpent, by the way.

Carney: Those zany interns! Well, maybe the President has adopted the whole “Don’t tread on me” ethos. Obama has always empathized with the whole Tea Party/#Occupy concept, you know. At any rate, that conclude’s today’s briefing. I’ll have to get back to you on the precise meaning of this document release.

Update: Oh no. Daily Pundit may have seen through the redaction.

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