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VA: Tim Kaine Posing As Mainstream Is Most Humorous

Posted on | September 14, 2012 | 2 Comments

by Smitty

Credit where due: Timmy’s ads are effective in painting him as a moderate politician. To glance at them, you’d never know that in 2007 Kaine

“. . .became the first official outside of the State of Illinois to endorse U.S. Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States”.

Ambassador Stevens could not be reached for comment.

And then Kaine moved from the Governor’s mansion to DNC chair, where his accomplishments were so splendid, they replaced him with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.
More at VA Watchdog on the 2012 race, emphasis mine:

Allen, for his part, has used numerous ads highlighting Kaine’s term as chairman of the Democratic National Committee to tie him to President Barack Obama, hoping a tepid economic recovery will provide a distinctive choice in voters’ minds.
“It is obvious connection to make,” Skelley said. “However, it is interesting, because it is not like Kaine has been fleeing from the president. In fact, in a lot of ways Kaine has decided that being connected to the president may serve him better than not.”
Away from the attack ads, both campaigns have TV spots that carry a pro-business emphasis including promises to bring jobs to Virginia.
Allen has been out of political office for six years, but, Skelley said, voters’ familiarity with the candidates means attack ads are probably the weapon of choice in breaking that deadlock.

Well, yes: there are bazillions of square feet of office space in Northern Virginia waiting to be populated by federal bureaucrats who will spend all day talking about the delivery of health care.

We can expect that George Allen will be a stalwart supporter of the reforms Romney will bring, whereas Kaine can be expected to be a good little doggie and play along with whatever idiocy Dingius Maximus is excreting on a given day. If there is a town hall debate, I’d love to go there and ask Timmy: “Budgets, dude. Should we have one? Because your party really puts the ‘s’ in ‘suck’ where budgets are concerned.”

George Allen for Senate

Because Democrats deserve to lose even where running unopposed.


2 Responses to “VA: Tim Kaine Posing As Mainstream Is Most Humorous”

  1. EarlScruggs
    September 14th, 2012 @ 8:47 am

    Kaine was not an awful governor. But even presuming that the picture he paints of his record as governor is accurate, he doesn’t make the case that this is the approach he will bring to the Senate.

    I guess it is possible that we Virginians just are not sophisticated political consumers. Warner and Kaine and Webb campaign like Ronald Reagan but will vote like Ted Kennedy. Why do we elect these people? And it isn’t like Allen is Jim Demint or anything.

  2. DefeatTimKaine
    September 14th, 2012 @ 10:56 pm

    Tim Kaine is an extreme leftist who presents well. His record as governor is replete with ideological
    battles, for example:

    4 years trying to raise taxes even in a downturn with courts overturning his crazy ideas like special tax districts and abuser fees.

    Cap and Trade advocate who blocked offshore production

    Gun control advocate.

    Fought against Virginia’s marriage amendment.

    Unilaterally transferring the Dulles Toll road to MWAA outside of the normal
    procurement process which is creating massive toll increases.

    The list is long and he is not a nice guy when things don’t go his way,
    often casting racial insinuations. Why do you think that Barack Obama chose him to run the Democratic Party?

    The only thing that saved Virginia was a Republican House of Delegates.

    Here is the one place where you can read about Tim Kaine’s record or @DefeatTimKaine