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Another Shocking Republican Scandal! ‘Redneck Romeo’ Jason Aldean Goes Wild

Posted on | October 1, 2012 | 7 Comments

While we were at Mitt Romney’s rally in Toledo last week, I remarked to Ali Akbar that the warm-up music for the Republican’s events includes some country-rock songs that aren’t quite what you’d usually associate with GOP family values, for example Luke Bryan’s “Country Girl (Shake It for Me)“:

Get up on the hood of my daddy’s tractor,
Up on the toolbox it don’t matter,
Down on the tailgate, girl, I can’t wait
To watch you do your thing.
Shake it for the young bucks sittin’ in the honky-tonks,
For the rednecks rockin’ ’till the break of dawn
For the DJ spinning that country song
C’mon c’mon c’mon . . .

Well, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s just slightly incongruous to hear it while nice Republican folks are assembling for a presidential campaign event.

Another of the country rock tunes on the Romney warm-up soundtrack is Jason Aldean’s “My Kinda Party“:

Oh baby, you can find me
In the back of a jacked up tailgate,
Sittin’ ’round watchin’ all these pretty things
Get down in that Georgia clay.
And I’ll find peace
In the bottom of a real tall cold drink,
Chillin’ with some Skynyrd and some old Hank.
Let’s get this thing started.
It’s my kind of party.

Again — not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s upbeat downhome music, and if it helps get the good old boys fired up, great. But the media loves to make wild guilt-by-association charges and you’ve got to be careful. Today, while I was looking at updates for the story about the GOP staffer partying down with Lindsay Lohan (the staffer once had his photo taken with Paul Ryan), I saw another story about a shocking celebrity scandal:

Country music superstar Jason Aldean says his very open public display of affection with a former “American Idol” contestant — who is NOT his wife — was a huge, drunken mistake.
Jason released a statement today, apologizing for his indiscretion, after TMZ posted pictures early this morning of the country singer and “A.I.” castoff Brittany Kerr getting up close and personal — hugging, touching, and flirting at a very popular, crowded bar on the Sunset Strip.
Jason — who has been married since 2001 — says, “The truth is that I screwed up. I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar.”
He says, “I ultimately ended up embarrassing my family and myself.” And then adds, “I left alone and that’s the end of the story.”

See there? One of these hillbilly yodelers gets rowdy and starts making out with some floozy in a bar, and next thing you know, BuzzFeed and Politico will be all over it, demanding that the Romney campaign comment on the incident. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure Mitt would get a 2-point bump in the Ohio polls if he began his next speech by saying, “You can find me in the back of a jacked-up tailgate . . .”



7 Responses to “Another Shocking Republican Scandal! ‘Redneck Romeo’ Jason Aldean Goes Wild”

  1. richard mcenroe
    October 1st, 2012 @ 8:01 pm

    I can only imagine Honky Tonk, Badonkadonk, Sideways, Ladies Love Country Boys and Hell on Heels would have seriously flipped your fedora…

  2. Ryan
    October 1st, 2012 @ 8:10 pm

    I much prefer Brad Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishing Song)

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  4. richard mcenroe
    October 1st, 2012 @ 8:50 pm

    If we were were mean, we could tweet-spam Stacy with Big and Rich, “Save a Horse, RIde a Cowboy” from YouTube…

  5. richard mcenroe
    October 1st, 2012 @ 8:51 pm

    Altho I’da rathered they were playing Skynyrd’s “Gimme Back My Bullets” (w/Kid Rock)

  6. Bob Belvedere
    October 2nd, 2012 @ 11:53 am

    ‘(w/Kid Rock)’??!!??

    No, the original. I’m surprised at you.

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