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LIVE AT FIVE: 10.16.12

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

SecState Clinton Accepts Blame For Benghazi

Secretary of State Clinton speechifying in Lima

Modified reverse limited hangout coverup actually shifts blame to unnamed “security professionals”

Obama Can’t Fight In Town Hall Forum
“It’s not the right forum to really regain a major edge on Romney because the context discourages argumentation,” said Marc Landy of Boston College.

EU Tightens Iranian Sanctions
More punitive moves against Teheran’s banking and energy sectors

Fauxcahontas Leads Fundraising Race

Professor Warren explains her economic theories in terms of sex.

Raised $12.1 million last quarter; like Obama, has no card verification on website to prevent foreign donations, fraud

Supremes To Weigh Arizona Voter Registration Law

Both Obama, Romney Campaigns Register Complaint About Crowley’s Role

Former Senator, Presidential Candidate George McGovern Moved To Hospice

Justice Department Seeks Dismissal Of House Committee’s “Fast & Furious” Lawsuit

Daughter Of Sinaloa Cartel Boss Held In San Diego; Nabbed Trying To Enter US With Someone Else’s Passport

Scott Brown Touts Vote Analysis To Bolster Bipartisan Credentials

Brent Premium Hits One-Year High; NYMEX $91.66, Brent $115.70
Sprint Deal Is Softbank’s Biggest Gamble
US Retail Sales Jump 1.1% In September – iPhone Effect?
Soros: The Euro Is Destroying The EU, And Germany Should Save It
Google Brings Drive, Calendar Search Results To Gmail
FBI Warns Users Of Android Malware
Apple Appeals Tokyo Court’s Ruling For Samsung
Wii Drops To $130 Ahead Of Wii U Launch
Reddit Wants Free Speech – As Long As It Agrees With The Speaker
Samsung Reveals Windows 8 Ultrabooks And Tablet Hybrids

Broncos Rally As Chargers Implode

Peyton Manning lives up to the hype

Three TD passes by Manning and two turnovers in second half help put Broncos on top, 35-24

Giants Thrash Cardinals 7-1 To Take Game 2 Of NL Pennant Series

In Their Lair At Comerica, Verlander And The Tigers Await The Yankees

Nyets Begin New Era In Brooklyn With A Win

Ravens LB Ray Lewis Out For The Year, Possibly Forever

Could Seattle Be The Next Hockey Hotbed?

Bangladesh Cricket Board To Investigate Alleged Umpire Corruption

NHL Negotiations Resume, Along With The Battle For Public Opinion

President Obama Stupidly Weighs In On Minaj-Carey Dispute

Because that Libya thing’s all cleared up, right?

Dealing with the critical national issue of a bitchfest on “American Idol”

Michaele Salahi, Neal Schon Engaged

Scarlett Johansson Back On The Market

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler To Host 2013 Golden Globes

Hulk Hogan Sues For $100 Million Over Sex Tape

Tom Cruise Leaving Co$ To Win Back Katie Holmes?

Hilary Duff: Why I’m Happy To Be A Young Mom

Jennifer Hudson Says “American Idol” Feud “Total Bullcrap”

Bulk Of Weapons For Syrian Rebels Going To Jihadis
UN Envoy Seeking Three-Day Syrian Ceasefire For Eid Al-Adha
Costa Concordia’s “Captain Coward” Faces Survivors In Court
Scottish Independence: Smiles And Handshakes All Around – Now It’s Game On
Foundation Unable To Hand Out Ibrahim Prize For Third Time In Six Years
Knesset Dissolved For January Elections

WyBlog: Democrats Assemble Circular Firing Squad As Libya Recriminations Escalate
Ace Of Spades: Hillary – I Take Responsibility For Benghazi (But It Was An Underling’s Fault)
Power Line: Hillary Takes Responsibility For Benghazi, Sort Of
Jihad Watch: Libyan Officials Release Benghazi Suspects
Villainous Company: Unexpectedly! Women Don’t Actually Vote With Their Ladyparts
Conservatives4Palin: Obama Campaign Whines About Latest Gallup Swing State Poll
Weasel Zippers: Mooch Calls Obama Supporters “Knuckleheads”
Hot Air: FLOTUS Claims We’re “In The Midst Of A Huge Recovery”. Who Knew?
Lonely Conservative: Chuck Schumer, The Anti-Reformer
Weekly Standard Blog: For Every Person Added To The Labor Force, Ten Drop Out
Protein Wisdom: Obama Claims “We Got Back Every Dime” Of Bailout Money On Same Day CBO Reports $24 Billion Loss
Mike Walsh: The View From The Bridge
Jammie Wearing Fools: Confirmed – Obama Himself Killed Bin Laden
Michelle Malkin: A Reminder About The Last Plant-Infested, CNN-Run Town Hall Debate
Maggie’s Farm: Veterans’ Votes Lean heavily To Romney
Jennifer Rubin: Disappearing Story Lines – An Extra Boost For Obama
NRO Corner: Romney Campaign Says Reuters Poll Showing Obama Leading In Early Voting “Flawed And Untrue”
Wall Street Journal: Obama’s Great Alaskan Shutout


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