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LIVE AT FIVE: 01.17.13

Posted on | January 17, 2013 | 3 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Obama’s Gun Control Measures Face A Tough Road In Congress

An example of what the NYT doesn’t know about gun laws.

House GOP rejects proposals, Senate Democrats lukewarm
Related: Dismantling The Mouthbreather In Chief’s Gun Policies

US, Other Nations Ground Dreamliners Over Fire Risk
FAA orders planes grounded over battery issue, foreign airlines follow suit

Algerian Army Surrounds Jihadi Kidnappers In Desert
Jihadis claim attack, kidnapping a retaliation for French involvement in Mali

Oregon Sheriff: Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws Won’t Be Enforced

Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller

Won’t allow Federal officials to enforce laws in his county, either.

Pro-Life Movement: Winning Battles, Losing The War?

Gov. Patrick’s Tax Plan Gets Mixed Reviews

Obama Finds His New Chief Of Staff (Another White Guy)

Christie Can’t Win Votes For Sandy From Some He Backed

This Year’s GOP Freshmen Likely To Be As Difficult For Boehner As 2010 Class

ACLU Sues Over Philly Cops’ Consistent (And Wrongful) Arrest Of Videotapers

Democrats, Trayvon Martin’s Mom Launch Doomed Effort To Repeal “Stand Your Ground” Law

Oil Hovers Above $93 On Inventory Reports, Bolstered By Weak Dollar: NYMEX $93.48, Brent $110.67
JP Morgan Chase Board Cuts Dimon’s Bonus To $10.5 Million After Whale Fiasco
New Rules Aim To Protect Homeowners From Disclosure
Fed’s Beige Book Indicates US Economy Picking Up
Silver Lake And Partners Near $15 Billion Financing For Dell LBO
Germany Bringing Home The Gold – From NY Fed
EBay Narrowly Beats 4Q Estimates
Multiple Power Plant Workstations Slammed By Malware
Developer Outsourced Own Job To PRC To Watch Cat Videos, Surf Reddit
Facebook Tests Voice Calls With Messenger App On iPhone
Blackberry 10 Training Program Has Over 1600 Businesses Registered
Temple Run 2 Swings Onto App Store
“Phablets” Not Going Away As IHS Predicts Shipments To Double In 2013
Leap Motion Signs Exclusive Deal With Best Buy

LeBron James Hits Two Milestones In Rout Of Warriors

20K points, 5K assists

Warriors get crushed 92-75

Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend Apparently Doesn’t Exist

Reversing Course, Chip Kelly Leaves Ducks To Coach Eagles

Son Rises For Rivers As Celtics Fall To Hornets 90-78

Mavericks Turn Back Rally, Get Fourth Win Against Rockets 105-100

Rangers Sign All-Star Pitcher Matt Harrison To Five Years/$55 Million

Hawks Dominate Hyets, End Their Winning Streak At Seven

Yu Darvish Gets A Personal Catcher

Nationals Send Michael Morse To Seattle In Three-Way Trade; What Did The Nats Get?

Michael Lohan Accuses Wife Of Pimping Lindsay Out…

Michael and Lindsay Lohan

…or did he?

“Different Strokes” Star Conrad Bain Dead At 89

Nicole Kidman On Sex Scenes, $cientology, And Saying No To Studios

Unspeakable Armenian Would Love To Be Divorced

Baby Boy On The Way For Kara DioGuardi

Tiger Woods Trying To Win Back Ex-Wife Elin

LeAnn Rimes Talks Infidelity, Treatment, And Her Ex

Brent Musberger Is Pissed At ESPN

Sundance Snubs “The Canyons”

MGM Wants “Hot Tub Time Machine” Sequel

On First Overseas Trip, PM Abe Seeks To Strengthen SE Asia Ties Amid Tensions With PRC
Imam Qadri Calls On President Zardari To Negotiate
Car Bombs In Iraq Kill 15
Accountability Bureau Chief Tells Pakistan’s Supreme Court Not Enough Evidence To Arrest PM
Torrential Rains Paralyze Jakarta
Netanyahu Responds To Obama: Only Israelis Can Determine Israel’s Best Interests
India-Pakistan Truce Takes Hold In Kashmir
Obama’s Dig Against Netanyahu Could Backfire
Court Dismisses Pussy Riot Member’s Deferral Plea
PM Cameron Gets Grilled On Europe In Commons

Hit & Run: How Does The Sandy Hook Massacre Demonstrate The Need For Gun Controls That Have Nothing To Do With It?
AmSpecBlog: Obama, Grace, And Heaven
Protein Wisdom: “Political Sphere Reacts To Obama Gun Violence Proposals”
The Hill: Rubio Slams Obama On New Gun Proposals
JustOneMinute: Sloppy (But Scary!) Gun Reporting At NYT
Power Line: Rick Perry Comments On Obama’s Gun Control Proposals
Gateway Pundit: Perry – The Political Left Using The Massacre Of Children To Advance Their Agenda Disgusts Me
Israel Matzav: Rand Paul – Obama Arrogant And Presumptuous About Israel
Weasel Zippers: NRA Tells Gun Owners It’s Planning “The Fight Of The Century” Against Obama
NRO Corner: Your Move, Harry Reid
Allahpundit: Rand Paul To Introduce Bill Nullifying Obama’s Executive Orders On Guns
Legal Insurrection: Repugnant And Cowardly
Beltway Confidential: Did Greens Suffer Because They Confused Conservatism With Fealty To Business?
Ed Morrissey: Whole Foods CEO – Obamacare “More Like Fascism”


3 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE: 01.17.13”

  1. DavidD
    January 17th, 2013 @ 7:35 am

    stock: makes the weapon easier for two people with different-length
    arms, such as a husband and wife, to use–or for the same person to use
    while wearing either a heavy coat or just a t-shirt.

    grip: every rifle has some way for the shooter to steady his trigger
    hand–usually, it’s the stock; the AR-15 has a high stock that’s in line
    with the bolt, so it needs a pistol grip.

    Detachable magazine:
    In Ohio, using a magazine that holds more than 30 rounds converts an
    AR-15 rifle from a semi-automatic weapon to an “assault weapon”–as if
    holding more ammunition changes the way the weapon works. (Hint: it does
    not; it’s still a semi-automatic weapon that fires one round each time
    the trigger is pulled.)

    lug: How many people have been killed by someone who used a bayonet
    attached to the front of an AR-15? How many people even carry around an
    AR-15 with a bayonet attached to it? I’d wager that the answer to both
    questions is “zero”.

    Grenade launcher: How many people have
    been killed by someone who used a grenade launcher attached to the front
    of an AR-15? Again, I’d wager that the answer is “zero”. (Note: the M16
    I used in the Army did not have a stepped barrel; nonetheless, it would
    accept a grenade launcher.)

    Flash suppressor: keeps the flash
    of unburnt powder exiting the barrel from affecting the shooter’s vision
    in low-light conditions; used on the AR-15 because it has a shorter
    barrel than other rifles–on rifles with longer barrels, the powder has a
    chance to burn completely before exiting the barrel.

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    January 17th, 2013 @ 8:36 am

    […] The Other McCain points to this where a commenter called “septithol” had a brilliant description of this condition: Secondly, I think I have figured out what is wrong with most people. The majority of Americans today have a type of thinking which I would describe as ‘magical’, except a friend of mine corrected me on that, and said no serious magical practioner would think that way. So perhaps a better adjective would be to describe the thought processes of most Americans as *infantile*. An infant throws a tantrum, and milk magically appears. An infant throws another tantrum, and a scary looking object from their room is hurriedly taken away by an adult. […]

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