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FMJRA 2.0: Shout

Posted on | March 3, 2013 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Congressman @SteveStockmanUS Exposes Obama’s Anti-Gun Spambots

By Any Means Necessary

Hey, Nice Try With the #DemandAVote Spambots #p2! Jacked and Busted! #tcot

Does ObamaCare Suck Enough, Or Need It Suck More To Get Us To Single Payer?

Rule 5 Sunday: Gold, Girls And Guns

Dangerous Video Could Trigger Another Great Awakening If Too Many View

Progressive Tax-Exempt Group’s Secret Plan to ‘Eviscerate,’ ‘Cripple’ GOP

What Coordinated Messaging Looks Like

BREAKING NEWS: Dan Rather Is Still Alive, Imagines Someone Gives a Damn

FMJRA 2.0: Heavenly City

Never Forget: Joe McCarthy Was Right!

LIVE AT FIVE: 02.25.13

‘Professional Escort’ Tells Daily Caller Menendez Was One of Her Clients

Short Answer: ‘No’


LIVE AT FIVE: 02.26.13

Sending Bloggers to CPAC

Excellent Overview Podcast Of Virginia’s Tax Debacle

Tony Katz Dangles $3K To Gov. Christie For A CPAC Appearance

One Million Moms, Combined, Doesn’t Add Up To A Single Sense Of Humor


Could Sequestration Be The Tipping Point In The Farce Parade?

LIVE AT FIVE: 02.28.13

School Officials Helping Spread Sequestration Political Message

Narrative Control: Woodward Gets a Warning from Gene Sperling

Preach It, Sessions

The Sexualization of Journalism

Miserable Joke Of A Senate That Can’t Pass A Budget Can Pass A Tax Increase

Shorter Wonkette: Butt-Sex Jokes Are Only Funny When Liberals Tell Them

What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make Whose Idea The Sequester Was?

Bill Schmalfeldt Praises Kimberlin for ‘Social Justice,’ Then Deletes Tweet

Army Update: Good News, Bad News

LIVE AT FIVE: 03.01.13

Memo From the Lunatic Fringe: LGF Attacking ‘Anchor Baby Malkin’

Rising GOP Rock Star Alert:
Susan Stimpson Brings It

The Homophobolicious Flavor of Hate™

Harvard Abandons America (Or: Ted Kaczynski Is Not ‘Anti-Intellectual’)

‘He Would Fain Have Had It’

Top linkers this week:

  1. Rick’s Rants (18 the hard way)
  2. Lonely Conservative (9)
  3. (tied) The Camp of the Saints and Daily Pundit (5)

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