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Accused Gay Teen Sex Offender Worried Scandal Would Cost Him White House Job

Posted on | November 23, 2013 | 158 Comments

President Obama and accused gay teen sex offender Caleb Laieski.

Thursday, we told you about the bizarre sex scandal in which Phoenix Police Officer Christopher Wilson, gay “community liaison” for the department, was accused of having illegal sex with two boys, ages 14 and 17. The older of Wilson’s victims, Caleb Laieski, now 18, has now been charged for having sex with the younger boy in a three-way with Wilson. Now details have emerged about how Laieski allegedly tried to prevent the 14-year-old from reporting the crime.

Laieski, who had moved to Washington in 2012, feared the scandal would ruin his chances of getting a job at the White House.

“[P]olice records show that Laieski actively pressured his young friend not to tell anyone about the abuse in order to protect his rising star from being tarnished, even after the younger boy became suicidal,”  Kirsten Andersen of reported Thursday:

When the younger boy begged Laieski to go with him to the police, Laieski told him no. He said he was negotiating with Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius over a possible White House job, and he worried that if anyone found out he’d been involved in a crime, he’d lose the opportunity.
“Can you please come with me?” the boy begged Laieski via iMessage. “I don’t want to do this alone.”
Laieski refused. “I can not do that,” he said. “Reports are public record and I don’t need that press. Nor does our city.”
“Minors are not public record,” the younger boy protested.
“Umm, documents can be requested, absolutely,” Laieski replied. “I have a phone call with the Secretary of HHS about me working at the White House,” he added. “I am not going to allow this to get in my way. I don’t think you understand that reporting this [to the police] doesn’t only affect Chris [Wilson]. It defiantly [sic] would affect me as well.”
Later, the younger boy’s mother appealed to Laieski in a phone call, pleading with him to support her son’s decision to go to the authorities.
“I don’t think you know how much he’s been holding in, fear and shame,” the woman said of her son, according to transcripts. Of the encounter with Wilson, she told Laieksi her son “wants it all to go away and he regrets it and he loves you and was confused and scared and has been for weeks.”
“So, reporting it will help?” Laieski retorted. “Are you going forward with this or not? This is eating me up and stressing me out times 10, so I would like to know.”
The boy’s mother told Laieski she was worried about his well-being, too. She told him that as a minor, if he came forward, his identity would probably be protected, and he could get some help.
But Laieski disagreed, stating that because of his work with the mayor’s office, it would likely go public – with his name attached.
The mother replied that her hands were tied — knowing what she knew, she would have to report what happened, or she would risk being charged with child neglect.
“Okay, well, I’m done with this conversation and our relationship,” Laieski told her.
“I’m protecting my son and making sure he is healthy and safe,” the woman shot back. “You can protect a predator. I’m sad for you.”

Read the whole thing at You think any of the TV news networks will cover this story . . . for the children?



158 Responses to “Accused Gay Teen Sex Offender Worried Scandal Would Cost Him White House Job”

  1. Alessandra
    November 24th, 2013 @ 10:32 am

    And so, what is her profile already as a teenager? Someone with emotional troubles, who is seeking relationships with older men (thus father figures), who had weight problems, who had a broken family – and a father who could care less about her. What kind of marriage that completely broke up? what kind of parenting? what kind of school environment? What kind of mother? So her mother is a “social climber,” that means the kids are safe from having emotional problems? What kind of nonsense is that?

    –Emotional troubles produce all kinds of behavior and feelings, anguish may or may not be even realized or the most prominent.
    Even if the information is staring you in the face, you don’t “see” it. So, yes, there are plenty of clues, you just deliberately ignored them.

    –And so what if she talked more or less to other people? People with emotional troubles and a troubled history do that all the time. You have no ability to catch any red flags.

    — “Loose morals” are exactly another sign that a kid is not having good emotional health, good upbringing, good parenting, nor a good school environment.

    –You just want to trash Lewinski in order to get everyone else off the hook. Especially any of the bastards of men who took advantage of her. And the slimy high school teacher started the affair with her a year after he was married. “Just married” and already being a slime. Trash of a man, but not to you! That’s morality to you. And the relationship continued for several years until the guy’s wife found out about it.

    –If her self esteem was low, because of the crappy family and upbringing, she would want to brag about being able to have a relationship with “older” men, because it would something she could in a distorted way value herself to be able to do. A young person is not going to have any relationship with slime of adults, unless they are seriously troubled themselves.


  2. SileSkelley
    November 24th, 2013 @ 12:59 pm

    Accused Gay Teen Sex Offender Worried Scandal Would Cost Him White House Job

  3. Art Deco
    November 24th, 2013 @ 10:36 pm

    Oh shut up.

    1. There was no indication that her father ‘could care less about her’.

    2.Her decisions about Bleiler and Clinton were her own.

    3. Her upbringing was suboptimal.

    a. Having divorced parents is regrettably common. Relatively few young bourgeois with divorced parents are tying to bed down their high school teachers.

    b. What really was odd was her mother’s scale of values.

    4. The blatherskite about ‘self-esteem’ is non sequitur.

  4. Alessandra
    November 25th, 2013 @ 1:49 am

    Oh, shut up yourself, Art Deco.

    1. There was no indication that her father ‘could care less about her’.

    There was indication. The man wanted nothing to do with her, did nothing that a father should have done, the man failed his marriage, and this was the man who was the father of a girl having all kinds of emotional and relationship problems from an early age.

    There are lots of turds of men who have children, do lots of harm to their girls, are junk of fathers, and then when the kid starts acting up in adolescence, these men then just abandon or blame the kid. No shortage of such junk of men in society! And the more money they have, the more they try to cover up the slime they are, often with appearances and by getting some other wife or family, and clearly neglecting their children.

    2.Her decisions about Bleiler and Clinton were her own.

    Repeating your idiotic rhetoric won’t help you. A troubled teenager or young person makes repeatedly bad decisions because of their emotional problems, lack of good parenting, destructive family, and that certainly can include a slime of a father. Cause and effect.

    3. Her upbringing was suboptimal.

    Which you read in the tabloids and dreamed up afterwards.

    a. Relatively few young bourgeois with divorced parents are tying to bed down their high school teachers.

    Repeating your idiotic “blame all the emotionally troubled kids out there so that we don’t have to look at the garbage of adults around them.” Only the troubled kids would want dysfunctional relationships of any kind. And only a slime of a married high school teacher would want to commit adultery with a student. No shortage of this kind of junk of men in the world either.

    b. “What really was odd was her mother’s scale of values.”

    Not any different than the crowd/class they belong to.

    4. “The blatherskite about ‘self-esteem’ is non sequitur.”

    For people who are completely ignorant about psychology and who like to see parents emotionally neglecting and destroying their children with impunity, sure.

  5. LN_Smithee
    November 25th, 2013 @ 1:49 am

    Reminiscent of Clinton White House security director (and former bar bouncer) Craig Livingstone, whom nobody in the Administration ever admitted to have hired once he was a link to the illegal obtaining of FBI files.

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  7. R_U_Srs
    November 27th, 2013 @ 6:37 am

    @THEbitchiestgay If the part about him refusing to go to the cops for the 14yo is true, that makes him an asshole.

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