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#IStandWithDana Gun-Control Freaks Try to Bounce @DLoesch from ‘The View’

Posted on | February 2, 2014 | 51 Comments

Demonizing and marginalizing dissent is what liberals do routinely. They pick an issue — from atomic energy to abortion, from global warming to gay marriage — and declare that people who disagree with them are dangerous ignorant extremists.

So now a gun-control group called Moms Demand Action is trying to give Dana Loesch the “extremist” treatment. Dana has volunteered to go into the lion’s den — appearing as the sole pro-Second Amendment voice on ABC’s The View — and these liberals evidently consider it intolerable that anyone in favor of the right to keep and bear arms should appear on a major broadcast network program.

Panic reaction at Media Matters: “The decision to give Loesch a national platform on a highly-rated television show is troubling . . .”

Translation: “OMG! An outspoken conservative woman on national TV! This cannot be permitted! No dissent allowed!”

This reaction exposes the truth about liberal media bias. If they were interested in a debate, and if Dana Loesch were really so ignorant as they claim, having her on national TV would be a good idea for them, because the ignorant Dana would be easily defeated. But instead, because liberal arguments cannot withstand scrutiny — because Dana is a well-informed and articulate proponent of Second Amendment rights — they can only “win” by silencing her.

Controlling access to the “national platform,” so only liberal voices can be heard in the “mainstream,” is the name of the game for the crypto-totalitarian propagandists of the Left.



51 Responses to “#IStandWithDana Gun-Control Freaks Try to Bounce @DLoesch from ‘The View’”

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